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You are done writing the title of the essay, right after comes its introductory paragraph. For every academic writing task, the introduction of the document is like setting up the palate to the reader. In layman language, we can term it as an appetizer for them. Writing an effective introduction to the essay means that you are setting a platform for the users and trying to engage their attention till the end. Give a foretaste for the readers and impart the central idea of the entire content to come.

Give a positive essence to your essays

It is always good to give a positive kick to your document. You can do this in the essays by writing the best possible content. Make sure you put forth the introductory passage with a high-quality and pertinent material. Do not try to add “anything” in your document to reach the word count. These days, only quality can take you to high levels. That is, if you think that you can compromise with the eminence of the content, then your thoughts are heading towards grade conciliation.

When to begin writing the introductory paragraph

Be different and think different. Rather than following the traditional procedure of writing the parts of an essay, that is instead of writing in the format of beginning the essay with an introduction, followed by the body and the conclusion part; you can wait writing the introduction until you have written the body. Knowing the apt direction of the paper before writing its debut is becoming the latest trend of writing an essay. Yes, it is proving more advantageous than writing it prior to writing the main content of the paper. Many people are preferring and are being laureled to this approach. Moreover, this has made the things simpler and effective as well. When you are done with the body of the paper, you have the required acquaintance and can ace writing the introductory paragraph. Writing the first section of the paper is not less than a matter of personal preference. You can carry on the language and the idea of the essay the way you want.

Things to be accomplished in the introductory passage

There are several elements which you can consider in-depth and consummate in the first few lines of the paper.

1. Gripping the reader’s mind and attention- It begins with writing in such a way that the reader forgets about everything else and sticks to the essay till its last line.
2. A stage for the introduction of the topic-Sometimes it becomes hard to begin writing about the topic using the correct combination of the words. You can use the first section of the essays.
3. Tell the way you lie related to the topic- Present the best stance of the topic and write in the form of the thesis statement. Discuss the points of the essay which are already crafted on the topic you have taken. If you are into writing a lengthy academic article, then you should do this along with contextualizing the claim of the paper.

These were the major achievements which you have accomplished while writing a compelling introduction to the essay. Here is another tip for you. You can begin your article by writing a quote. Readers used to stay for long on the piece of writing which begins with a quote. It is because it gets their attention. Make sure it is a combination of the words on which the readers can understand easily. Using heavy words block the connection between the content and the audience. Be simple and be effective.

Provide remarkable facts and give an astounding opening to your paper

If you are writing essays on the current issues, then no method would prove much effective than writing the statistics of the topic. For instance, you are writing about smoking. In that course, writing the number of children below the age of 18 can engage your reader while raising the expectation of reading an essay centred on the smoking laws.

Note- If you are into writing an English paper, then write about the author and the aspect of the text in the introduction part.

Write an anecdote

The story which exemplifies and elucidates a point is called an anecdote. But make sure you do not write longpoints in it. Be short and concise. Writing relevantly in this section is the key. But you need to be very careful in using this aspect of writing. It is because it can be effective opener as well as the reason for the fall of the readers.

So, map your essay in the best way and outline the main arguments for your reader. It gives a stage to the writer as well.

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