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In an era of information technology, the user interface is considered as everything which is related to the design of information system through which the users interact with the system. The user interface includes the screen of the system, desktop appearance of the system, keyboard and mouse for the interaction. The user interface is the way that allows the users to perform some specific task in application and website. To make the system or website successful, it is necessary for the companies or developers to prepare a simple yet attractive user interface of the system so that the users could easily manage the things in the system.

Enhancements to improve design of user interface

There are different methods and techniques that can be adopted by the developers or designers to improve the user interface of the system or website. This will not only help the users to interact easily with the system, but this will also help to attract other users towards the website or system. Some of the enhancement techniques and methods are discussed as below:

Padded Block Link

The links in the user interface are inline elements by default that means there is no extra space for the links instead of the text itself. The size of the text decided the clickable space for the link. In this matter, sometimes the users miss the clickable area because of small text size or less clickable space. In this case, the space for clicking link can be increased by adding padding to link or changing link into a block element. This will help to increase the usability of the system greatly. Therefore, it is necessary for the designers or developers to add a healthy dose of padding to the links as this will not only affect the width of link or its behaviour. Instead, padding makes sure that the link is high enough and easy to click to reach the destination.

Typesetting Buttons

This is another method which can be adopted to improve the design of user interface of the system. It is necessary to pay attention to every detail of the system as it helps to separate great products from normal ones. The buttons and tabs in the system are mostly used by the users to access the system and different functions of the system. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention towards the typeset of buttons and tabs too. The meaning of typesetting is to positioning the label on the button, so that it could be read by users easily.

Using Contrast to manage focus

To bring the attention of the user to some specific element in the system, the contrast can be used. The contrast in user interface means the use of different colours to pop-out main headlines to the users. For example:

Before Contrast:

            MerhabaIyiyim Dora Amet Sit

            By Saket – 4thJan 1950

After Contrast:

            MerhabaIyiyim Dora Amet Sit

            By Saket– 4thJan 1950

As we can see, after contrast only the headline becomes eye-catching, and this will draw the attention of users towards it.

White Space Indicates Relationships: The white space between the elements it the system or website is the most important element in the user interface. The white space indicates the space or gap between one interface element and another either it’s a button, link, navigation bar or tab. This white space element helps in indicating the relationship between certain elements or group.

Auto-focus on Input: If there is any form page on the website or information system then there must be an auto-focus on input field of the element. This will help the users to type right away after opening the website or the form page on the website. This helps to improve the experience of the user over the website and help them to get their requests done easily.

Verbs in Labels: Another method to improve the design of the user interface is verbs in Labels. The options dialogues in the system can become more useful and easy to understand with the help of verbs in labels. “Yes”, “No” and “Cancel” are three main options that come with every error or message pop-out. The users need to read the whole message on the dialogue box before selecting an option for it. In this case, the verbs that are fitted for dialogue box can be used like “Save”, “Don’t Save”, and “Cancel”. By this way, the information of the dialogue box can be displayed to users through labels on buttons.

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