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E-commerce is recognised as a type of business transaction being conducted online. The common form of e-commerce is online shopping being defined as purchasing and selling goods through the web on any device. E-commerce also entails another form of activities like payment gateways, online auctions, internet banking and online ticketing.

Common types of E-commerce

  • B2B: This is business to a business model where a business sells its products to other businesses.
  • B2C: This is business to consumer model where a transaction is conducted directly by a company and customers.
  • C2C: This is a consumer of consumer model where customers are selling to other customers.


System development life cycle is a conceptual model involved in project management that demonstrates the phases included in the system development project from the initial feasibility study. This process assures that best software is being developed.

Every phase of the life cycle involves its deliverables and processes that feed into another phase. There are five phases initiating with requirements gathering and ending with the deployment.

Phase of SDLC

Requirements collection/analysis

This phase is crucial to the project success. Expectations required to be described in thorough detail and documentation. It is an iterative process through which interaction takes place among project team, users and stakeholders.  The methods involved in gathering requirements are summarised as beneath:

  • Evaluate and capture stakeholder specifications through surveys and customer interviews
  • Create different use case for describing various actions that a user will involve for developing a new system.


Technical design specifications are developed in this phase by staff which involves lead developers and architects. The business specifications are involved to specify how applications will be drafted. It details database tables to be added, advanced transactions to be specified, hardware and system requirements along with security processes.

Risk analysis

  • Vulnerabilities and threats that can be raised due to interaction with other systems
  • Legacy or external code requires being evaluated to identify whether there exist some security vulnerabilities.

Functional requirements

  • Involves a specification of interface requirements
  • Audit train for each update on the database

Non-functional requirements

  • It determines whether system being built easily enable new features or enhancement
  • It determines if the expected response time is being evaluated


It is an actual coding phase and unit testing of processes by a team of developers. After every phase, a developer demonstrates the work to be accomplished by the business analyst and determine the enhancements being required. It is the longest phase of software development life cycle.


When the application is moved to the test environment, various forms of testing will be carried out involving integration as well as system testing. The last part of testing is user acceptance testing to assure that system satisfies the expectations. At this point, defects are traced, and additional work might be needed in designing or coding phase.


The project size will evaluate the deployment complexity. Training can be desired for operations, end users and on-call IT staff.

Basic SDLC methodologies

SDLC process includes various distinct phases that involve planning, analysis, design, development, testing, deployment as well as maintenance. Some of the basic SDLC methodologies which can be used by development team are:

  • Waterfall
  • Agile
  • Iterative
  • Spiral
  • DevOps

Every approach varies in some way or other, but all have a common objective, i.e. to assist the team to forward high-quality software and cost-effectively.

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