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A digital cell phone is also known as digital cellular handsets or digital wireless phone that not only processes the sound digitally but transmits as well as receives the audio as a digital signal through radio waves. The cellular phone is a type of mobile radio telephone that is utilized in the communication systems having different areas separated into several small cells in which each cell have receiver combination and low-power transmitter.

A cell phone is a portable telephone which utilizes the technology named cellular network technology to create as well as receive the calls. The term cell phone is interchangeable with other terms such as mobile phone and cellular phone. Another term, i.e. smart phone also has a type of cell phone that provides most advanced features instead of SMS messages, calls and basic organizer software.

The most interesting thing regarding the cell phone is that it is a radio in a real manner. Before the cell phones, people required the mobile communications capability installed radio telephones in the cars. In the radio telephone system, there is no need of cellular antenna tower in every city. The system related to cellular phone separates the area of the city into different small cells. It permits the extensive reuse of frequency across the entire city, so that number of people can utilize these phones simultaneously.

Define Digital Cellular

Digital cellular was established to add some advanced features as well as capacity. Digital cellular provides features like call forwarding, three-way calling and caller ID. Additionally, several handsets have long battery lives, paging and services related to short messaging integrated through the liquid crystal display. The advent of the personal communications service and digital cellular led to the amount decreases as well as affordable cellular for the residential customers. For the first time in 1998, the sale regarding the digital handsets increases as similar to analogue handsets. The services related to digital cellular are being deployed differently in the US than in Europe.

Frequencies of digital cellular: 824MHz to 893MHz

Features: Offers advanced features like telephones and caller id with longer battery life and built-in pagers.

Different kinds of digital wireless service

There are two different kinds of digital wireless services in the US (United States). One is known as PCS (personal communications service), and other is D-AMPS (Digital Advanced Mobile Service). They utilize several portions or frequencies regarding the airwaves to the transmit signals.

  • Both work with either TDMA (time division multiple access) and CDMA (code division multiple access).
  • Both offer the same features of the telephone.
  • Both are very hard to eavesdrop on because of the scramble of multiplexing the voice signals.
  • The towers related to PCS are smaller and must also be spaced closer together. The PCS vendors call their tower antennas due to their small sizes.

The main challenges for the digital cellular or cell phone are that no any carrier has an accurate and nationwide network. The providers of PCS such as Sprint PCS and AT & T wireless are still developing out their networks as similar to the Verizon Wireless. The organizations related to Regional Bell Operating like BellSouth and SBC are merging to make networks on all over the country.

In Digital Cellular, the capacity, as well as privacy, is enhanced. Handsets used for the digital cellular have both the modes such as digital and analogue, which is also known as a dual mode. New cellular phones are now operating in three modes such as analogue, GSM and TDMA. There are several advantages that are offered by the cellular phones the users due to which they are considered as more useful or beneficial in different aspects.

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