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ITC504 | Design of UI According to User Requirements | Information Technology

For the development of an e-commerce website and mobile application, the collection of requirements is considered as an initial and very important step to get success in all aspects. The requirements can be collected in different ways such as interviews, questionnaire, meetings etc. For any of the website and mobile application, the user requirements are the main aspect to consider which involve functional as well as non-functional requirements. The initial step in developing an application and website is to interview the user base to make the list of all the requirements features that are to be included in that particular application or website. This comprises the essential input for describing different capabilities of the desired system. There are two different sets of the users in any application or website such as end users and administrators.

End-user requirements

The features of the end user that facilitate the use of internet services may involve the following:

  • The user should be capable of using the website or mobile application from any of the platforms and operating systems.
  • The application or website design must be simply so that every user can easily understand it while accessing services from it.
  • Different types of security measures should be deployed on the website so that all the sensitive data about all the users as well as the company can be protected from all types of security threats and issues.
  • All the services given through the website should be visible to the users.
  • All the visitors should be capable of searching the database with the use of relevant keywords to detect the required items and products.
  • The performance of the system should be accurate so that all the users can access the services faster.
  • A large number of users must be capable of using the site or application simultaneously without any performance related issues.

Administrator Requirements

The Administrator who handles the site or application has some specific requirements that are discussed below:

  • The administrator should be capable of handling the application or website with the use of web browsers.
  • The managers of data should capable to delete the users as per requirement.
  • The administrator of the website or application should be capable of viewing list of all the users and well as all the transactions that are being done by the users.
  • The system should have the capability to handle and maintain all the data of the administrator which is considered as a major requirement.

Functional and non-functional requirements

There are two types of requirements such as functional and non-functional requirements that are described below:

Functional Requirements: These are the requirements that deal with the output of the system or what the system should offer or do for the users.

  • Defines the system behaviour as it relates to the functionality of the system.
  • Involves the description of all the required functions, outlines all the related documents and details regarding the data which is to be held in the particular system.

Non-Functional Requirements: These are the requirements which define the characteristics regarding the performance of the system and also elaborate the constraints regarding the working of the system. These are the straightforward requirements of the system.

  • Describes the targets, constraints as well as control the methods for the new system.
  • Specified by some people related to technical fields such as technical leaders, software developers and architect.
  • Also describes the functions that should be given by the system.

Design of user interface as per requirements of the users of Local Farm Shop

Local Farm Shop is an organization which needs to develop the new system for the elimination of all the problems that are currently faced by it with its existing system. The organization is suggested with the deployment of a mobile application for all its problems. The user interfaces of the mobile application should be designed simply which must be easy to understand. It is a major requirement of the users of this new system.

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