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Design evaluation

There is a variety of professional review techniques from which to select:

  • Guidelines review: Interface is validated for conformance with the organisational or principles documents.
  • Consistency inspection: The professionals verify consistency across a group of interfaces, validating the fonts, terminology, colour schemes and layout. Software tools assist to automate the process and generate a concordance of abbreviations and words.
  • Cognitive walkthrough: The professionals simulate users walking across the interface to perform typical tasks. High-frequency task is an initiating point where as rare critical tasks like error recovery must be walked through. The cognitive walkthrough was created for interfaces that can be analysed by exploratory browsing; however, they are crucial even for interfaces needing substantial training.
  • Formal usability inspection: The professionals conduct courtroom style meeting to depict the interface and to summarise the benefits and limitations. These forms of inspections may be educational experiences for novice managers and designers.

Evaluating designs

Interface designs can be evaluated by typography, screen layout and colour. This knowledge can be used to assess the interface:

Use of fonts:

  • Assess characteristics of fonts being chosen
  • If the preference of fonts work for optimising readability
  • If the chosen alignments and size appropriate
  • If casual/formal fonts being involved appropriately

Colour scheme

  • Assess characteristics of colour being used
  • Assess the effectiveness of colour used
  • If the choice of colour indicates what we know about individual response to colour
  • If it improves the look and feel of website/application

Layout strategies

  • Demonstrate the layout strategy being involved
  • If layout is properly balanced
  • If white space being effectively used for organising the elements on screen

Design consistency

  • If colour scheme, layout and fonts are consistently applied across interface
  • If design of interface is consistent with other associated applications
  • If the design is consistent with culture and experience of targeted users


  • If it is simple to navigate across the application
  • If the interface clearly marks whereabouts a user is in the application

Evaluating application design by principles

  • Structure principle: Design must organise the interface purposefully in relevant ways based on consistent and clear models which are evident and recognisable to users. Structure principle is linked with the complete architecture of user interface.
  • Simplicity principle: Design must make simple, interacting clearly and simply in the user language and provide better shortcuts which are significantly linked with long processes.
  • Visibility principle: The design must make all desired options as well as materials for given task visible with disrupting user with redundant or extraneous information.
  • Feedback principle: The design must keep the user informed of interpretations or actions which are relevant and of interest to use using concise, clear as well as unambiguous language familiar to the users.

Evaluating website design by principles

Ease of accessibility: It is a most crucial parameter to measure the website quality because it plays an integral role to assure that traffic directed to websites results in higher conversions. It relies on the factors enlisted beneath:

  • For website to be simply accessible, the website must be compatible with several browsers
  • It must work efficiently with devices having diverse sizes as well as screen resolution
  • The website must support attributes that makes it simple to use for wide audience
  • The website must be compatible with bandwidth and speed in various locations

Level of credibility: The primary objective of the website is to improve profitability as well as use base of business, it requires creating its credibility among targeted audiences. The website must satisfy the below-defined criteria:

  • Assist user to clearly determine business organisation by illustrating the name and logo of company
  • Offers verifiable and authentic contact information
  • Make sincere efforts to provide space to authentic advertisers

Website design and appeal: Appealing and attractive website usually attracts large crowds. To avoid developing a website that looks cluttered, it is crucial to focus on below-defined design aspects:

  • Assure that overall design theme blends perfectly with concept of business
  • Involve harmonious colour scheme which blends in through website theme
  • Maintenance of design consistency among various pages of website
  • Involve usage of adequate typography and font size to assure simple viewing on small-scale resolution devices

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