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Data Encryption is defined as a translates data into some another code or form so that only people who have access to the secret key also known as decryption key or password can understand or read it. The data in the encrypted form referred to as the ciphertext. Currently, the encryption is considered as a famous and efficient security method related that are used by many companies. Two major types of data encryption involve symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption which is also called a public key encryption.

What is the primary purpose of data encryption?

The main purpose or function of data encryption is to secure the confidentiality of digital data as it is kept on the computer systems as well as transmitted via the internet or some other networks related to computer. The outdated DES (data encryption standards) has been replaced by some algorithms related to the modern encryption that play very important or crucial role for the security of communications and IT system. These algorithms offer confidentiality and drive the important security initiatives involving integrity, non-repudiation as well as authentication. Authentication permits for the verification of origin of message and integrity give the relevant proof that the contents of the message have not been changed since it was transmitted or delivered. Along with this, the non-repudiation assures that the sender of the message can’t deny sending the message.

Solutions for data encryption

The solutions of data protection for data encryption can give the encryption for the email, data and devices. In many of the cases, these functionalities of encryption are also met with the abilities of control for email, data and devices. Organizations and companies encounter the challenge regarding the data protection as well as prevention from the loss of data as their employees use different type’s removable devices, external devices and the web applications the more often as a part of the procedures of the daily business. It is not easy for the organizations to control and protect the data related to employees as well as its business. But the solutions regarding the data encryption can help the organization to prevent the data from different types of security threats such as data theft, malware and others. Encryption and email control is another crucial component of the solution regarding the data loss prevention.

Define DES (Data Encryption Standard)?

The DES (data encryption standard) is known as a common standard for the data encryption as well as a type of SKC (secret key cryptography) that uses the only key for the decryption and encryption. PKC (public key cryptography) uses two different keys for the decryption and encryption. DES (data encryption standard is previously predominant algorithm used for the encryption of all digital or electronic data. IT was very influential in the modern cryptography advancement in the academic world. It was developed in 1970 and based on the design related to the Horst Feistel.

Data Encryption Standard

  • The key length of DES is 56 bit.
  • DES is known as a Feistel cypher.
  • The block length of DES is 64 bit.
  • The numbers of rounds in DES are 16.

What are the objectives of DES (data encryption standard)?

  • Partial and full-size cypher
  • Block cypher
  • Different components related to modern block cypher are:
    • S box
    • P box
    • Swap
  • Operation or Exclusive
  • Confusion and Diffusion
  • Feistel cypher

DES Modes regarding operation

  • Electronic Code Book (ECB)
  • This is known as DES algorithm.
  • Data is separated into 64 bits blocks, and each block is considered as an encrypted one.
  • Different encryptions with several blocks are completely autonomous of each other.
  • ECB is known as a weakest of several modes because no additional measures are deployed besides the basic DES (data encrypted standard) algorithm.

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