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Data Analytics is defined as a quantitative and qualitative technique as well as processes to improve the productivity and business gain. Data is categorised and extracted to detect as well as analyse the behavioral patterns and data, and techniques that vary as per the organisational needs. DA (data analytics) is the procedure of examining sets of data to conclude the information they involve, increasingly with the support of specialised software and systems. The technologies and technologies related to data analytics are widely used in the commercial industries to make the organisations able to crate the business decisions as well as by scientists and also the researchers to disprove or verify the scientific hypothesis, models and theories.

By analysis, you have to present the suggestions to the board if an organisation for its various problems related to business. The organisation is leading in the market due to a wide range of product segments. The essential and major segments are toys, books, latest gadgets, clothes and different types of household items. The competition in the market, as well as requirements of the customers, is changing day by day due to which the performance of the organisation is doing to decrease. The company has experienced and well-qualified board of directors that believe in the use and power regarding the data analytics for solving all the problems of the business. The main business problems of the organisation involve:

  • It is essential to analyse the most likely geographic region for targeting the new clients to enhance the profit as well as sales of the product segments of the organisation.
  • The name of the product has to be identified which should be given by the priority for increasing the sales.
  • The impact on the sales of the product has to be identified in case of providing free shipping on all the products.
  • The new and innovative ideas should be given to the organisation to improve the productivity supported by the data analytics.

To all these given points, the recommendation should be provided so that all the problems of the organisation should be eliminated appropriately.

For the process of data analytics, different steps need to be followed which are as follows:

  • You have to develop the data set for the product segment with different attributes such as product name, product price, shipping type, sales per month, geographic region, the total number of customers and customer type etc.
  • After this, you need to research for the data mining technique or classification technique and also have to propose the suitable technique for the organisation to conclude any relationships or associations among different attributes.
  • The predictive model has to develop to depict the monthly sales for the specific geographic region. For this, you can use any of the mechanisms like linear regression, decision trees and Naive Bayes. Along with this, you must do the comparative analysis of overall mechanisms.

Proposed Report Structure

For making the complete report effectively, several headings need to be used such as:

  1. You must give the Executive Summary initially before the table of contents.
  2. After this, you must insert the Table of contents so that it can become easy for the readers to examine the report.
  3. You must provide the list of all the abbreviations as well as assumptions made
  4. You have to give the Introduction regarding the problem
  5. The methodologies used to conduct the research should be defined in this section of the report, e. Research Methodologies.
  6. After this, you must give the Analytical findings find out with the use of research methodologies.
  7. You have to give the Recommendations to the company for the elimination of problems faced by it.
  8. It is essential to provide the deployment plan to the organisation based on the suggestions that are being provided in above section.
  9. In the end, the conclusion must be given by entire
  10. The list of all the references used for conducting the overall research should be given in this section.
  11. At last, you have to give the appendix that can involve the Python code.

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