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Python is defined as a high-level programming language which is designed to be simple to read as well as implement also. It is known as an open source which means that it is completely free to utilise for all the applications (commercial applications). Python is a programming language which can run on Windows, Mac and UNIX systems as well as also ported to.Net and Java virtual machines. This is considered as a scripting language such as Perl and Ruby and frequently used in making of different web applications as well as dynamic web content. Python is also supported by the large number of two dimensioning as well as three dimensioning imaging programs, enabling al the users to produce the custom plug-ins and extensions with the use of Python. Some examples regarding the applications that support the Python API involve Inkscape, GIMP, Autodesk Maya and Blender. Scripts are written in.PY files (Python files) can be parsed as well as run instantly. They also are kept as a.PYC files (compiled programs), which are frequently utilised as programming modules that can be referenced by some other programs of Python.

Simply, Python is a general-purpose, multiparadigm, interpreted and high-level programming language IT permits the programmers to utilise distinct styles related to programming to make complex or simple programs, get quicker outcomes as well as write he code almost if speaking in the language of human being. Some of the famous applications and systems that have already employed Python while the process of development involves YouTube, Google Search, Google App Engine, Bit Torrent, Maya, Eve Online and iRobot machines.

Uses of Python

Various companies are using this language in these days to perform several major tasks. There are several ways in which the organisations such as use Python

  • Corel: There is a product named as PaintShop Pro is used by many people from last several years to take screenshots, draw some new images, change their images as well as execute different graphics-oriented activities. The most interesting thing related to this product is that it depends on the Python Scripting.
  • D-Link: Upgrading the firmware over the connection of network can be problematic as well as D-link was facing a condition in which every upgrade was containing the machine, e. a poor utilisation of resources. Additionally, some of the upgrades needed some additional work because of issues with the target device. Use of Python to make the multithread application to drive all the updates to different devices permits one machine to provide service to a large number of devices and the new methodology permitted by the Python decrease the number of reboots to just one after the installation of firmware. D-link select Python over some other languages like Java because it offers a serial communication code in the context of easier-to-use.
  • Honeywell: Documenting the large systems is very costly as well as prone to errors. Honeywell utilises Python to execute the automated testing related to the applications, but also utilises the Python to control the cooperative environment between different applications utilised to make documentation for all the applications. The outcome about this is that the Python assists to make the reports that generate the reporting for the setup.
  • Philips: Automation is necessary for the industry of semiconductor, so imagine trying to manage the efforts made by several robots. After collecting several types of solutions, Philips planned to select the Python language for sequencing language.

Different benefits of Python

The companies that are dealing with development of software prefer this language because of its adaptable features as well as fewer codes related to programming. There are near about 14 percent programmers utilise it different programming systems such as Windows, UNIX, Mac OS and Linux. The programmers of large organisations use Python language as it has made a mark for itself in the development of software with different characteristic features such as:

  • Interpreted
  • Interactive
  • High-level
  • Dynamic
  • Modular
  • Portable
  • Object-oriented
  • Extensible in C and C++

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