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DHCP provides automated techniques to update and distribute IP addresses and other configuration data on the network. DHCP server offers information to DHCP clients by exchanging series of messages defined as DHCP transaction or DHCP conversation. A DHCP client is a network-enabled device which enables you to interact with the DHCP server for obtaining leased and dynamic IP configuration.

How DHCP works?

DHCP server is involved to issue exclusive IP addresses and automatically configure the network information. A device will request an IP address from the router after that host allocates an accessible IP address to enable the client to interact with a network. When the device is turned on and linked to a network having DHCP server, it sends a request to the server defined as DHCPDISCOVER request. Then, DISCOVER packet reach a DHCP server; then server holds on to IP address that can be used by the device and then provides the client with the address of DHCPOFFER packet.

What are the benefits of DHCP?

The services offered by DHCP server are mentioned as beneath:

Reliable IP address configuration: DHCP helps to minimise the configuration errors raised due to manual configuration of IP address like typographical errors or certain address conflicts raised by the allocation of IP address to multiple computers at the same time.

Reduced network administration: DHCP involves the following characteristics for reducing a network administration:

  • Automated and centralised TCP/IP configurations
  • Potential to specify TCP/IP configurations from the central location
  • Potential to allocate a complete range of TCP/IP configuration values by the mechanism of DHCP options.

Why use DHCP?

Each device on TCP/IP based network should have a unique IP address for accessing the resources and the networks. Without DHCP, IP addresses should be manually configured for some new computers that move from one subnet to others. DHCP allows the complete process to get centrally automated and managed. DHCP server manages a pool of IP addresses and leases address to the any of the DHCP enabled clients while starting up on a network. Network administrators generate DHCP server that manages TCP/IP configuration information and gives address configuration to the DHCP enabled clients in a mechanism of lease offer. DHCP server records configuration information in the database that involves:

  • Valid TCP/IP configuration factors for all clients within a network
  • Valid IP addresses asserted in a pool assignment pool for clients and excluded addresses
  • Reserved IP addresses linked with specific DHCP clients. It enables consistent allocation of the single IP address with single DHCP client
  • The lease interval for which IP address can be involved prior a lease renewal is desired.

How to configure networks DHCP server?

  • For configuration of home network devices through DHCP, there is need to have a DHCP server on a network.
  • Access the switch or routers using browser window and log into device
  • Under advanced on left side of window, press LAN IP setup
  • Choose a check box given next to involve router as DHCP server
  • For starting IP address, provide initially available host address in range of IP address
  • Provide ending IP address in a similar range of the network. Enough IP addresses should be allocated to cover multiple devices on a network and few extra for expansion. For the large part, each device needs only one IP address.

More information on DHCP

DHCP server specifies a range or scope of IP addresses that it involves serving devices with an address. The given pool of address is only technique a device can fetch a valid network connection. Another important reason behind using DHCP is that it enables a wide range of devices to get connected with a network over a period without requiring a large pool of available addresses.

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