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The life of students now becomes difficult and stressful as they assigned to different types of writing tasks and projects. The main concept of IT students which is considered as the common topic is Cloud Computing and students are given with assignments related to this. The lack of knowledge among the students regarding cloud computing is the major issue which is found very commonly. They need assistance from the expert tutors so that it will become easy for the students to complete their cloud computing assignments and homework with complete accuracy. One of the major topics related to cloud computing is concepts and models, which is known as a difficult task by the students in these days. They face several problems to complete their assignments and project files related to this. Along with this, some students don’t have enough time to work on their assignments. For these types of problems, the online assignment help services can be an effective approach for the students.

What is Cloud Computing?

Simply, Cloud computing is defined as a technology which means data storing and accessing as well as programs with the help of internet rather than the use of hard drive of computers. Cloud computing has different types of models such as:

  • PaaS (Platform as a service)
  • IaaS (Internet as a service)
  • SaaS (Software as a service)

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How to do concepts and models assignments?

  • Task 1

In this task, you have to prepare a power point presentation and explain the cloud computing and its advantages for the organization after moving the entire infrastructure to it. You must describe some Cloud Architectures which can be helpful for the organization.

  • Task 2

In this task, you have to provide the two different approaches to the organization for office automation so that it will become easy to the staff to handle all the processes accurately with the help of automatic system. You have to describe the benefits of all two approaches along with recommendations so that organization would choose the best option for all their operations to handle them appropriately.

  • Task 3

In this task, you need to describe the difference between locally hosted infrastructure and the new infrastructure provided by the IAAS provider so that it will become easy to understand by the organization that what type of infrastructure is better for them. Along with this, you also need t define the critical factors and issues such as security, threats and others that will have to consider by the organization while moving its infrastructure to the cloud.

  • Task 4

In this task, you need to discuss the differences between IAAS, SAAS and PAAS and suggest the best model for the organization which would be the best option for its SharePoint service. Along with this, it must also discuss the problems that can be occurred with the use of your recommendations so that appropriate solutions will be identified before causing any major cause.

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