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Data Collision

A data collision is defined as a simultaneous presence regarding the signals from two different nodes in the network. A collision can happen two different nodes in which each node describe the network is idle and both initiate the data transmission at the same time. Both are packets involved in the collision are separated into different fragments and should be retransmitted. Data collisions can occur in the databases when similar detector or identifier is utilized for two distinct parts or kinds of data. Data collisions can happen when two different systems are being merged into a single system. During the occurrence of data collision, the software or administrators itself should decide that which specific number and the Meta data are accurate.

Utilization of protocol analyzer for the detection of collisions

If the user is facing problems related to the performance of the network, you can simply examine your network with the help of protocol or same device, to calculate the collisions, runt packets or cyclic redundancy check (CRC) errors. However, a large number of collisions, runt packets or cyclic redundancy check (CRC) errors determine the serious problem regarding performance that could be related to the different settings regarding the inter-frame gap about several network cards on the network.

Collision detection mechanisms

  • CSMA/CA Protocol

Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) that has been proposed to get accurate and better performance regarding CSMA. According to that, the station will sense the medium of transmission before transferring the frame. CSMA/CA is utilized in the wireless LANs (802.11).

  • CSMA/CD Protocol

It is utilized when two or more than two computers or systems are sharing the single medium typically something that is occurred in Local Area Networks when two computers are connected through the hub. CSMA/CD Protocol is a practice which is utilized for multiple access control protocols. The transmission will be taken by the specific station at a single time but when more than single station will send at the same time due to which the collision can be caused.

How the prevent data collisions?

There are some steps that can be helpful for the prevention of data collisions:

  • You have to assign different “seeds” utilized in the databases to make the initial part regarding the unique identifier. When two or more systems are merged with each other, all the records will have some “seeds” that will not be conflicted.
  • Review different rules utilized for solving the data collisions. During the default solution is to carry out the new record as the one to store, several records must not be written again but combined. This is accurate for the financial records, medical records and financial records.
  • In case of upgrading the database from one application to other, you have to verify that the naming scheme which will be utilized for newly generated records would not make record identifiers that could conflict with old files overwrite that files.

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