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Cloud Strategy for an organization is defining the goals and motivations for adopting cloud. An extensive number of organizations are using the cloud, but for many, it is still taboo. What they have been up to is using simple cloud services. For example, the testing and development of their websites. There are several common IT organizational needs using Cloud services and making cloud strategy.

Some of them are-

  1. Market Expansion
  2. Improvement in their performance and efficiency
  3. Acceleration of application delivery
  4. Risk Reduction
  5. Hike in investment flexibility

But we all know that not all the business firms and IT organizations are able to fulfil their business needs. There are several security threats related to it. There might be a substantial reason behind it.

Yes, it is the pace of the cloud adoption constraints. The times are changing rapidly, so it is required to work as per the variations and modifications in time and the working environment. If you are looking for the ways in which you can develop your cloud strategy, you can read them below.


The most critical requirement in the success of the cloud strategy for any organization is the alignment of the business and technical needs with the IT units. But, not all the organizations do this and commit a common mistake. It is jumping to decisions without defining business results and establishing control and governance of the entire work.

Why specifying and listing the needs are important?

It is because you will come to know which approach you need to take for opting the cloud services. You can make the right choice from the multi-cloud approach and hybrid cloud architecture.


The types of clouds under multi-cloud strategy, i.e. multiple private clouds, multiple public clouds and hybrid approach including both these types of clouds.

We will discuss the ways of choosing the best cloud as per your needs but before that let us have a look at the benefits of the multi-cloud strategy.

  1. Cost Optimization
  2. No location-barrier in operation
  3. Leverage existing investments
  4. Access exclusive competencies for a particular application
  5. Balance the vendor leverage
  6. Helps in creating architectures

Choose the best cloud of your needs

Match requirements of each application to the cloud-

It is the foundation of the process of choosing the best cloud. Along with the match requirements, check for technical specifications as well. Most of the organizations opt single cloud. It is because the companies run applications in a private cloud, a public cloud or in virtualized environments.

Exception- Running the same application across the cloud by the enterprises is the exception.


  1. Private Cloud- As compared to the public cloud, the private cloud is more cost-effective. It is for 24*7 workloads. The private cloud can be the best used by the organization having specific networking functions and data sovereignty requirements.
  2. Public Cloud- The software development time is the most important factor which a company needs to focus on, and the public cloud helps in meeting the goal. It reduces the development time and the business units for quickly getting the products and services accessing the infrastructure.

Parameters to select the right cloud for a workload-

  1. Know your region- Identify the region where you need to run applications for meeting the compliance requirements and data residency. Public cloud creates new regions all the time and expands their global footprints.
  2. Core Services- The cloud services should be able to compute, network, and storage
  3. Basic needs- SLA terms, certifications, operating systems, VM sizes, regions and countries
  4. Additional Services- Application Services, Data and analytics, security and identity
  5. Database Services- Relational DBMS, Non-Relational DBMS, and DBaaS
  6. Cost- One thing you need to keep in mind is that the prices of the cloud are not constant. The varied pricing models and the unique discounting options tend to complicate the cost comparison.

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