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Cloud computing is web-based system development where large flexible computing resources are offered as a service over the web to users. Cloud computing defines software, computation, storage services and data access that do not need end-user knowledge about system configuration and physical location. Student’s assigned cloud computing assignments might face several difficulties while understanding this subject. They should acquire knowledge on the subject to apply real-world examples and data to the assignments. Cloud computer expert tutors provide best cloud computing solution with much simplicity and intelligence which surely impress the examiners and improve your grades.

Cloud architecture

Redundant 3-Tier architecture: It helps to secure your application/site from system down time.

Multi-date centre architecture: It helps to protect your complete application/site from being negatively impacted by some form of network failure.

Auto-scaling architecture: It provides the ability to horizontally scale when demands of your site/application change over time.

Risk associated with hybrid cloud strategy

  • Lack of encryption: Network transmissions are prone to man in the middle attack and eavesdropping that avoid mutual authentication by impersonating end points.
  • Poor compliance: Hybrid cloud need due diligence when the aspect of compliance is to be considered. Maintaining compliance becomes more complex with the hybrid model when it moves back and forth.
  • Unprotected APIs: When unprotected, these API end points compromise confidential data to malicious attacks which exploit authorization/authentication token to modify private information.

Information security steps to protect hybrid cloud


  • Involve reliable proxy server
  • Make use of reliable proxy server
  • Make use of SSH network tunnel protocols for sending unencrypted transmission throughout a network

Poor compliance:

  • Two clouds should satisfy the industry standards for security of data while managing confidential data
  • Two clouds must have proper co-ordination. There is no need to assure that both private and public cloud provider complies, but it illustrates the compliance of two clouds as they work in a combined form.

Unprotected APIs:

  • Third-party developers should ensure to manage keys in a secure manner
  • API keys should be managed similarly as code signing keys are managed
  • Verification of the third party should be managed prior releasing API keys to prevent a security breach.

Recommendations for BCP plan

BCP of an organisation comprises different procedures and operations which assures uninterrupted business operations. As organisation has considered migrating to hybrid cloud to meet the business requirement, there is need to have an aggregation of some latest procedures in the business continuity of an organisation. Data backup, disaster recovery and appliance resilience are some of the integrations that are desired to be made in the organisational BCP.

  • Data backup and recovery: Hybrid cloud provides high-level data backup as well as disaster recovery by maintaining redundant copies of complete data at multiple locations to ensure that business continuity doesn’t get disrupted.
  • Application resilience: As the hybrid cloud is employed by the organisation for improving the flexibility and efficiency of the business, it helps to ensure undisrupted continuity of business.

Hybrid cloud management

  • For providing remote server administration, the confidential volume of data should be encrypted to restrict exposure because of unapproved administrator access.
  • All the resources should be governed with the help of cloud-aware tools, and resource allocation must be properly performed for effective resource management.

Steps of migration plan

Successful migration to the cloud, following steps requires to be considered:

  • Analyse workload: After workload analysis, the packages provided by hybrid cloud must be compared and then the appropriate package can be selected among all service packages.
  • Create a strategy for selected technology: To satisfy the specifications, two cloud service models can be implemented, e. Software as a service and Infrastructure as a service. This latest technology can assist the organisation to bring high flexibility level to the business.
  • Scalable integration model: Hybrid cloud offer simple and elastic techniques to data migration. An appropriate strategy should be outlined to move data over the hybrid cloud and aggregated different characteristics like SQL database servers and Share point instance.

Critical points and issues

  • Cloud security: This is a major concern while moving information and server over the hybrid
  • Risk management: As the hybrid cloud is complex, thus management of risk is very complex as several vendors are selected for online services. This may also lead to an additional potential risk to the organisational business.

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