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AWS, i.e. Amazon web services is a secured platform for cloud services that provide database storage, compute power, content delivery along with other functionalities to assist organisation scale and grow.

How do you pay for AWS?

  • Pay as you go: Through AWS, it eliminates the need to devote valuable resources to developing costly infrastructure involving buying servers, leasing facilities and software licenses. AWS helps to replace wide upfront expenses with less variable cost and pay only for what you use. AWS services are accessible on demand and need no long-term contract and have no complicated licensing dependencies. The pay as you go pricing enables to simply adapt to changing business requirements without over-committing and enhancing your responsiveness to the changes. By paying for services on an as required basis, the focus of organisation can be redirected to the invention and innovation, decrease procurement difficulty and enables the business to be completely flexible.
  • Pay less by using more: With the help of AWS, volume-based discounts can be received and realise the necessary savings when usage is increased. With the evolvement of organisations, AWS provides options to acquire services which help in addressing the business requirements. So, for optimising the savings, select the appropriate combination of storage solution which helps in decreasing cost by preserving security, performance and durability.

Reasons for choosing AWS

AWS is a set of hosting products that tend to take a headache out of classical hosting solutions. Below defined are the reasons for choosing AWS:

  • Performance: There is no denying speed of AWS. Elastic block storage is relatively fast as S3 but offers various characteristics.
  • Security: Access to the resources of AWS can be limited with the help of IAM, e. identity and access management. With the help of roles in IAM, we can specify privileges for the user actions that help to reduce the malpractices. AWS also offers VPC that can be involved for hosting services on the private network is not accessible from the web. The resources hosted on a private network are accessed with the help of Amazon VPN or certain open source services such as OpenVPN.
  • Flexibility: Another unique characteristic in AWS is its scalability. Various services work and interact together with applications to automatically assess demand and manage it accordingly.

Services and products of AWS

AWS services and products are classified into various types:

  • Compute and networking services: Main networking and computing tasks embraced by AWS are assigning and routing of IP addresses, the supply of virtual servers, the configuration of web access and the establishment of firewalls. The products within this category involve Amazon EC2, Amazon VPC and Elastic load balancing
  • Database services: By using AWS, an organisation can experience a well managed relational as well as NoSQL database services.
  • Security and identity services: The range and form of data will evaluate what form of security required to be established around it. Two primary services present under this category is AWS identity and access management, AWS directory service.
  • Application services: Along with applications, a series of planned services can be acquired. It involves Amazon SNS, AppStream, Amazon elastic transcoder and Amazon SWF.
  • Management tools: AWS resources can be managed and organised with the help of AWS CloudFormation, AWS Cloud Trail, AWS config and Amazon CloudWatch.
  • Analytics services: As big data penetrates in almost every work field, analytics is inherently required. Through EMR, e. Amazon elastic map reduce that employs Hadoop, you can process and organise data. Moreover, you can also involve AWS data pipeline as well as Amazon Kinesis for impeccable insights.
  • Storage and content delivery services: By needs of the organisation, you can use key services of AWS, e. Amazon Glacier, Amazon EBS and Cloud Front.


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