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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is defined as a mechanism of services related to information technology in which different resources are retrieved from the internet via applications and web-based tools. It provides several benefits to the companies due to which each company require the deployment this technology to make all the processes automatic and easy to do.

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Different models of cloud computing

SAAS (Software as a Service): This is the cloud model that includes the licensure of software applications to consumers or clients.

IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service): This service model includes a mechanism for delivering all the things from OS’s (Operating systems) to servers as well as storage via connection based on internet protocol (IP). Customers can avoid the requirement to purchase servers or software as they are provided by the IAAS providers only.

PAAS (Platform as a Service): This service model is considered as complex which is a platform that allows the clients to develop required software and applications at low prices.

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How to do assignment for concepts and models

To make the assignment effectively, the students should include below-given parameters such as:

Introduction: In this part, you have to elaborate on the company and its requirements along with brief discussion about the report.

Approaches for office automation: In this part, it needs to provide the best approach for the office automation which can involve outsourcing, cloud etc. and also need to discuss the recommendations for the organization.

Comparison between IAAS infrastructure and locally hosted infrastructure: In this part, it needs to describe the comparison between both the infrastructures to assure the company that which will be better to deploy for business operations.

Critical issues and factors: In this part, it needs to discuss the critical problems and factors that need to be considered by the organization while moving to cloud.

Difference between IAAS, PAAS and SAAS: In this, it requires to describe the difference between all three models of the cloud.

The best model for SharePoint service: In this, you need to recommend the best model to the organization that will be appropriate for the SharePoint service.

Problems: In this, it needs to define the problems that can be encountered by the organization by adopting given recommendations.

Conclusion: At the end, you need to conclude the results of the entire report.

Along with this written assignment, the students also need to prepare the powerpoint presentation which should involve:

  • Main concepts related to cloud computing and reasons behind the selection of cloud for the organization.
  • The architecture of cloud computing that would be useful for organization.

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