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The security of network is the main aim of any organisation to make sure that the sensitive information of the organisation is secured from different cyber-attacks. In order to secure the network from different issues and problems, several hardware and software applications are implemented in the system. There are several policies developed by the organisation to make secure the network of the organisation. It is necessary for the organisation to develop several rules and regulations regarding the security of the organisation assets over the network. There are different types of methods and tools that are utilised by the organisations for the security purpose. The rules and regulations in the organisation makes sure that the employees of the company are utilising the tools and methods in good manner to conduct the business activities productively.

  1. Enforcement: The definitions of network security are now narrowed to only the enforcement mechanisms. The enforcement in the network make sure that the flow of traffic in the network is analysed and better techniques are adopted to secure CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) of security of all systems and information on the network.
  2. Confidentiality: The confidentiality in CIA means protecting the assets of the company from the external factors.
  3. Integrity: The integrity in the network makes sure that the modification of the data in the network is done through authorised and specified manner.
  4. Availability: The availability in CIA is about the state of a system in which the authorised users continuously access the resources and assets from the network.

The main motive of enforcement is to provide CIA to the traffic that flows in the network. This enforcement starts with the classification of the data on the basis of applications, users and content of the data packet. In the traffic flow, all the data packets in the network are identified by the firewall regardless the port, protocol or SSL protocol. The identification of application in proper way in network is very necessary as it provides better visibility into the content which is being transferred over the network. The policy management can be simplified by the identifying applications and mapping their use to a user identity while inspecting the content at all the times that helps in preserving the confidentiality, integration and availability of the data.

It is difficult to provide CIA of security to the network traffic flows to achieve the legacy technology. The traditional firewalls are plagued by controls that rely on the protocol in order to identify the applications running on the network. The assumptions of that identify the IP addresses over the network are also under the controls that identify the applications.

The new generation firewalls retain an access control mission but there are several changes made in the technology such as it observes the traffic across all ports. It can also classify the applications, their contents and identifies employees as the users. This enables the access controls nuanced enough to enforce the IT security policy as it applies to each employee of the organisation. There is no compromise with the security of the network in the organisation.

Along with this, there are several techniques and methods are also used by the organisation to implement CIA to the network. Additional services for layering network security services are also implemented in the traditional methods as add-on components to make sure the data in the network and the assets of the company are secure from different issues and external factors. The Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention System are those systems that are implemented by most of the companies in their organisation to detect and mitigate the intrusions. With the help of intrusion detection system, it become easy for the organisations to detect any false transmission of the data. By detecting the intrusion in the beginning it become easy for the organisation to take necessary step to avoid mis-happening. The intrusion prevention system in the organisation helps to prevent the occurrence of intrusion in the beginning. In this system the organisation does not need to apply extra efforts for the prevention of intrusion in the network.

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