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The computer technology interacting with the neural structures by decoding and translating neuronal activity i.e. information from thoughts into actions. The technology used to control movements of a prosthetic limb and thought-to-next translation. The technology covers non-invasive BCI, partial invasive BCI and invasive BCI. The hike in the scope of the technology made the research more intense and is found to restore and enhance neural features of the central nervous system connecting it to a computer system. The term was coined in the late 1900’s by Jacques Vidal of University of California.

Stanford University has conducted a recent study on BCI or mind-machine interface technology and has highlighted that the computer technology will continue to grow especially in the medical field. The research was conducted on three paralytic patients. One was with a spinal cord injury and two others were suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The report showed that the patients could move an onscreen cursor just by imagining the movements of the hands.

Before reading the applications of the technology to be used in the future, read the Challenges of Brain-Computer Interface.

Controlling by thinking

Connecting with the machine with the basic voice and gestures are common, but the new technology is into creating a string relationship between a machine and a man. Instead of actually instructing the machines or waving at them, mere thinking will do the work. As per Peter Cochrane, former CTO of BT, “A brain-computer interface encompasses any form of controlling a computer via a direct electrical connection to the human body.”

Apart from the nerve signals or impulses from the human body, the other ways to generate a connection between a mind and a machine may include head and limbs, impulses by the electrodes on the arm, face and head by the physical movement of the body.

Improved thinking strategies

For the production of the specific electrical activity from the body where the data can be extracted to be used by mind-machine interface, use the thinking strategies. The techniques help in navigating a robot and controlling a camera entering the virtual reality world helping them in meeting new people.

Brain Painting

There are several products that are outcome of the technologies which can have a great impact on the future of humanity. People have already started buying those. One of the widely sold products is EPOC neuro-headset. It has been designed for the gamers to read the electrical signals from the brain of the wearer as well as operating some specific games.

Another example is P300 speller, the intendiX. It has been working to help the disabled person with brain painting designed by G-Tec, Austrian medical and electrical engineering company.

“Cloudy days” are coming

The technology is all set to connect net with the brain and the nervous system. Yes, if it is achieved, then a human being will become a cloud in himself storing everything. Brain and the nervous system will become a part of the internet. As a result, the number of hours spent online will increase drastically as said by the experts.

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