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Big data and IoT are the output of business specification which drives changes in the applications. These changes develop unique issues for a network. They also need networking experts to stretch their perspective beyond a network. The issues of IoT and big data imply that IT requires being prepared prior jumping in to make major changes. The technologies that allow IoT and big data provide new business opportunities. It enables new measurements as well as control capabilities. IoT and big data are two sides of the similar coin. IoT gathers data from myriad sensors, and that data is organised, used and classified to make automated decisions.

  • User content acquisition: In IoT, user consent is associated with acquiring the desired level of permission from a user and non-user being impacted by services or devices. One of the main privacy issues in IoT is to generate technologies which request consent from users in an efficient way. This is a problematic task as every user has limited technical knowledge and time to engage in a process.
  • Control, customisation and freedom of choice: In IoT, owner of data should have complete control on data, enabling the user to move or delete data from a service provider to other at any time. The current IoT solution available in market place only offers restricted access to users. It is essential to understand that without accessibility to a certain form of data, the service provider cannot facilitate several forms of services.
  • Promise and reality: Every IoT solution promises to provide a selected amount of functionalities. This can be achieved by service providers by needing a specific form of raw data to be analysed and processed. The bottom line is that service providers should not involve the already gathered data for any objective without the explicit consent of the user.

Big data issues

  • Big data targeted by attackers: Big data is so important that criminals have made efforts to tap into to use it for their evil objectives. Below mentioned are big data issues along with their preventive measures:
  • Privacy breach: Privacy breach is a major issue that refers to the release of secretive information to individuals who should have no access to it. Privacy breaches occur when any business implements weak security principles. To combat this privacy breach, you should invest in quality anti-malware software and employ secure connection from data integration system to data storage system.
  • Discrimination: Tapping into big data is referred to make prevalent Having the ability to access electronic information will negatively impact the opportunity for a person.
  • Interpretations can become an ethical issue: The main purpose of analysing big data is to assist in coming up with decisions. But relying on electronic data without much regard on its impact on individuals or environment may become an ethical issue.
  • Patent and copyright might be irrelevant in future: Copyright and patent are irrelevant in a future as it will be hard to validate if something is unique or if it violates copyrights as there are lots to verify them against and some of these data repositories would be hidden.
  • E-discovery issues: E-discovery refers to the search of electronic information for use as confirmation in the legal proceeding. Governments can order this e-discovery in the form of hacking activity to assist the search of critical evidence. This electronic evidence is much easier to be searched and gathered. But it is now hard to search the electronic evidence as there are lots of data which is hard to comply with legal constraints. Moreover, e-discovery is now highly expensive.
  • Analytics is not 100% accurate: Big data analysis is not resistant to it, specifically due to engagement of a wide range of data. Because of its complexity, it becomes impossible to validate the analysis manually.

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