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What is Balsamiq?

Balsamiq is known as a rapid Wireframing tool which is helpful for smarter and faster work. It reproduces the experience regarding sketching simply on the whiteboard without any use of a computer. It is helpful for the designer to improve the designs by getting meaningful and immediate feedback from the users. The sketch-style wireframes assist to focus the conversation on the interaction and content. The user can refine as well as revise their designs accurately with the use of Balsamiq, but it requires very little investment in effort and time. It is considered as an effective tool for agile and lean teams.

Balsamiq Mockups

It is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) mockup as well as website builder application. It permits the designer to arrange all pre-built widgets with the use of drop and drag effectively. The application is provided in the desktop version and as a plug-in for confluence, JIRA and Google Drive. In design and manufacturing, a mockup is a scale model related to the design which is used for design evaluation, demonstration, teaching, promotion and some other purposes. A mockup is defined as a prototype in case it offers at least portion related to the functionality of the system as well as enables the system testing. The mockups are utilized by the designer to acquire the feedback from different users. They address the idea which is captured in the famous engineering one-linear.

The Balsamiq Mockups user interface is made up of five different areas such as the UI library, the canvas, the navigator panel, the toolbar and the properties panel.

The Toolbar

It contains a series of different icons for performing the actions on some other areas regarding the user interface.

  • Navigate between assets, symbols, trash and mockups.
  • Hide/show the left panel.
  • View the mockups as a thumbnail grid
  • Make a new mockup
  • Mockup actions as well as navigate between different mockups
  • Go to previous or next mockups

The Quick Add Tool

This tool is considered as the fastest way to add user interface controls to the mockup. To use this quick add, click inside the input box.

The UI Library

The UI library is the long strip related to UI controls that just located below the toolbar. It lists all the UO control types that come with the symbols, icons and assets.

The Mockup Canvas

This is called as a major working area regarding Balsamiq mockups where UI mockups come into consideration.

The Navigator Panel

It shows the list of symbols, assets and mockups in the project. The user can select multiple objects in this panel by holding down the Shift key or control and clicking on them.

How to create the responsive user interface design wireframe system?

To create best and responsive user interface design wireframe system, different steps are involved in this such as:

  • Identification of content: While building the web application or site, content has to be written for designated areas. For this, you have to know regarding the user interface, and this content is needed before starting the sketch.
  • Select target layouts and screens: It is very essential to select the target layouts and screens for which it is important to figure out the sizes of screen.
  • Wireframes zones in Thumbnail templates: In this, the template regarding the design is made which contains the place of buttons and other things. The rough idea is created for the design in this given step.
  • Detailed Wireframing: It is necessary to focus the target layout initially. All the boxes can fill with the content and fixed at the appropriate place.

User Interface Design

Designing good UI is considered as a craft by the designer. The user interface controls need to select and arrange in that manner that must match the mental models of users and solves all their problems effectively. While designing the user interface for the website, various design principle needs to be considered accurate to make it accurate and effective.  A website consists of a collection of patterns regarding the user interface. The common elements need to be involved in attracting the users towards it.  Before using the component, it is necessary to know the functionality of that particular component effectively.

What is the use of wireframes?

Wireframing is defined as a way to design the website service at the structural level. A wireframe is commonly utilized to layout the functionality and content on the page that takes into the account of needs of user and journeys of the user.

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