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HSH725 assignment 2 critical appraisal of paper

This is a work that analyses the reliability and validity of data in the research. This evaluation is performed by experts in the domain to offer professional advice about this study. Usually, college-goers are asked to draft critical appraisal of research papers, some of which can be involved in their dissertations. It is extremely difficult to determine an appropriate outline samples for this work as the organisation of paper rely on the sections defined in the researcher which is being evaluated. Moreover, you may not have sufficient time to evaluate the study meticulously. AssignmentHelp4me is always here to guide you in writing best reviews. We compose a team of hundreds of experts with PhDs in different domains, which can efficiently complete critical appraisal of any scientific document.


Initially, the introduction is defined where the main objective of this paper is precisely written. The purpose of this report to involve different implications associated with paper through the assistance of critical appraisal tools. The synthesis of evaluation can be performed through the assistance of critical appraisal tool and based on the queries associated with tools, work of defined approaches in analysing. This specific assessment is associated with health promotion which involves evaluation of facts that impact physical activities of pregnant women.

Selection of tools

The tools are involved in research review and may vary as per the research type. This assessment involves analysis of two forms of researchers, i.e. qualitative and quantitative through the assistance of critical analysis tool. Evaluation through qualitative analysis involves various questions that are being answered in context to proposed paper for pregnant women. The report related to smoking is being evaluated through the assistance of quantitative critical appraisal tool.

Critical appraisal

The below-given format is involved in a critical appraisal:

Title of report:

Critical analysis appraisal tool:


Screening questions



Page No:



Page No:80



Page No:



Page No: 80



Page No



Page No: 80



Page No:



Page no:



Page No:



Strengths and weaknesses: This section involves different ethical standards which are not addressed in this technique. Also, the influential aspects associated with different responsibilities of researchers are not specified in this report.


Ethical issues 300

Ethical issues


Title of paper

One of the main ethical issue while undertaking this research is informed consent that defines confidentiality of participant is secured and is not impacted by conducted research.

The research also lacks implications because the introductory section does not involve information associated with informed consent.

The introductory section of the report does not involve any form of information associated with informed consent. The relation between the participant and researcher is not involved by the author in this report.

Summary of implications

The summary of implications can be written according to below-given format:

Title of paper:

Title of paper:



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