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There is an organisation named as Eni which is a larger energy producer as well as supplier which is headquartered in Rome. This organisation is undergoing a main cultural and technological change. The business of the organisation needs to understand to propose the ICT solution in the context of using ICT system. The business analyst analyses the business of the organisation. The business analysts play a vital role in the organisation which analyses the complete business. Eni is the sixth largest integrated energy organisation with the market value which is active in the world with near about 78,000 employees.

Approach of Eni to Sustainable Value Creation

Being sustainable, for the energy organisation, means to attain the economic growth as well as to improve the reputation via a distinct approach which is also called as a catalyst for some external development, by promoting respect for the environment and individuals and in making some opportunities for businesses and local people. Sustainability in the organisation known as Eni is not a specific area of task or activity but signifies an approach for business in itself.

Business model of Eni

The making of sustainable value is pursued via a business model focused on the strategic guidelines and assets distributed along with the complete value chain. The model is elaborated by different activities or tasks conducted within the specific framework of the understandable as well as rigorous rules related to governance complying with the uppermost ethical standards, with risk management of an integrated corporate, sustained by the constant interaction with all involved stakeholders. There are six distinctive drivers such as cooperation, integration, inclusiveness, excellence, responsibility and innovation with the combination of which all the features guide the choices related to investment and permit strategic targets to be followed.

Within the deployment of the mission of the organisation and the running of all the operations, the efforts of Eni are inspired by all six key drivers as discussed below:

  • Cooperation: Cooperation in the establishment of all the territories where the company works, expressing the capabilities to completely understand all the local requirements as well as potential to contribute to their fulfillment.
  • Integration: Integration of overall activities with the energy supply chain as a source of different critical synergies for encountering all the challenges of the market and assure regarding the competitive advantage.
  • Innovation: Innovation as an important element for accessing the new resources of energy, enhancing the improvement from the subsoil as well as the efficiency regarding its utilisation, assuring the responsible utilisation of different natural resources.
  • Excellence: Excellence in different running operations that hinges for the utilisation of best practices, advanced technology, quality systems as well as the safety systems to assure the complete respect for the environment and community.
  • Inclusion: Inclusion of all the people of Eni, with their deeply expressed diversity that combines with the safety protection and health in the working environment and works place and their involvement and personal development in the goals of the organisation.
  • Responsibility: Responsibility in context of a commitment to the intelligibility in the management of the business, in the battle against the corruption and the respect for the rights of human in all parts of work.

For making this assignment, you have to cover some basic steps such as:

  • You have to describe the background of the project along with all objectives as well as strategies.
  • All the stakeholders are also discussed in this.
  • The business case and the context of the business also need to be focused while analysing the business.
  • You have to provide the statement regarding all the processes as well as problems that are currently faced by the organisation.

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