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Public Transportation is the crucial part of the economy of any nation. It brings the high quality of life across the nations. With the increasing number of the population across the world, the public transportation has also been expanding to facilitate the public. Public transportation becomes the personal opportunity for the people to travel anywhere. It plays the energetic role in the daily life of the individuals to get to work, to visit friends, to go to the office, to go to the doctor etc. It is not limited here; it provides a lot of job opportunities for the millions of people. This transportation system is also contributive to save the fuel and to reduce the congestion. According to research, it has found that in 2011, the Public Transportation System of U.S. saved around 865 million hours and 450 million gallons’ fuel in the urban areas.  The U.S. has stated that without public transportation system, the cost of congestion had raised from $ 121 billion to $ 142 billion in its urban areas. This public transportation has been highly supported the economy of the nation.  It has estimated that Public Transportation System is returning $4 on the investment of every $1. In the employment sector, public transportation has also been playing an imperative role. According to the survey, it has been estimated that investment of every $1 billion creates 50,000 jobs in the nation. Public transportation is highly potent to save the money of the citizens. According to the Transit Saving Report of APTA, the two dwellers of a house can save around $9,823 per annum by using Public Transportation System instead of a personal car. The governments have been making the Public Transportation System affordable to be used as an alternative to driving by the citizens

Business operations of emerging Public transportation system

The Public Transportation System is a huge domain. This span of the system has been becoming worldwide. This system is emerging rapidly across the with the advanced business operations. The current Public Transportation System is sprouting with the technology. It has not been limited to the ticket booking and travelling. The Public Transportation System is including the business operations like

  • Fleet Management
  • Route Management
  • GPS tracking
  • Driver management
  • Fuel management
  • Trip Programming
  • Battery Management
  • Expense Management
  • Multi-role support
  • Dashboard
  • Inventory management
  • Ticket management
  • Storage management
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Passenger management
  • Stock and parts
  • Asset management
  • ERP integration
  • Report management
  • Camera integration

The Public Transportation System become the complete management system in which its business operations have been managing using Information technology. In the developed countries like the U.S., the information systems are developed and deployed to manage the complex business operations of public transportation systems in a unified manner. The information systems are deployed to manage the fleet, Routes, Drivers, Fuel, Expense, Multi-role, Storage, Passenger, Asset, ERP, Report etc. The vehicles are deployed with the cameras to monitor the suspicious activities of the passengers travelling in the public transportation system. The camera footages are continuously under the surveillance of administration. Furthermore, the Public Transportation System is reducing the crime rate in the territories.

Impact of unified business operations of Public Transportation System

Using Information Technology, the Public Transportation System across the world become unified. The information technology is providing an integrated platform to manage all the business operations of the Public Transportation System. The emerging technologies like the Internet of Things and Big data analytics are revolutionising the public transportation system. The project like Smart Singapore is the biggest example of unified business operations of Public Transportation System. In this project, the government has decided to unify entire Public Transportation System using the Internet of Things. The vehicles are deploying with the smart technology to improve the mobility, safety and efficiency of the system. The Big Data analytics is an effective technique to process and analyse the data collected by the unified system. It is capable of predicting the future threats and growth of the transportation system. Thus, Big Data analytics become the important business operation of an intelligent Public Transportation System. The countries have been improving using technology to manage their Public Transportation System.


Public Transportation System is a complex system to manage by any nation. This system is the door of employment for the huge number of population of the nations. It is putting the high contribution to save the fuel and to reduce the congestion across the world. The people should prefer public transportation to save their costs and irreversible fuel. This would enhance the climatic quality by reducing the pollution. The Public Transportation System has been becoming smart enough to provide the services to the public in an intelligent manner. Technology has put a high contribution to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Public Transportation System. In the current date, the tickets are booking online; vehicles are tracking online, schedule is maintaining online etc. The passengers are facilitated to check the availability, and the current status of the Public Transportation Means using online platform. There is number of applications have been developed and deployed to provide the complete details of the Public Transportation System. The government of the nations is capable of predicting the growth and risks to the Public Transportation System using the technology. Internet of Things and Big Data analytics like concepts have been unifying the Public Transportation System to improve the safety, effectiveness, efficiency and mobility in the basic business operations of it.

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