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Cloud computing is known as delivery of computing services over the internet. These computing services include the storage, services, databases, networking, analytics and many more. 

Uses of Cloud Computing 

In the current era of increasing size of the data collection in the devices, the cloud computing has been finding extensive role. It has been used to watch movies, listen music, store picture, edit documents etc. over internet. Along with this, the cloud has been used to create new applications, store data, backup data, recover data, host websites, audio streaming, video streaming, on-demand software delivery and data analysis. 

Benefits of Cloud 

Cost: - Cloud has been reduced the cost of computing by eliminating cost to buy hardware and software for setting-up and running the on-site datacenters. Cloud is the virtualized infrastructure which has been replaced the need of cooling system and IT experts to manage the data centers. It helps to manage the entire infrastructure over internet and cloud vendor is all on responsible for automatic updates of the entire infrastructure over cloud. The users would not need to purchase any additional device to access the cloud services. Any internet-enabled device can be used to access the leased cloud services. 

Speed: - Cloud computing services are frequent enough; the vast amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in the fractions of seconds. The services are highly flexible to use with the simple mouse click which reduce the time-pressure and enhance the speed of computing. 

Performance: - The cloud computing services run on a network of secure datacenters. Due to internet deployed data centers, they regularly upgraded. The regularly upgraded data centers ensures the fast computing hardware. It facilitates the corporate datacenters over cloud with reduced network latency. 

Productivity: -The management of the physical datacenters is highly time-consuming task for the IT teams. It includes the racking and stacking of hardware setup and patching of software. The requirements of such tasks have been diminished by cloud computing and IT teams can spend their times to achieve the business goals. 

Global scale: - The cloud computing services are highly elastic. It can deliver the right configuration of IT resources anytime and anywhere. The amount of IT resources can be changed on-demand of client anytime. 

Reliability: - It is highly easy to store, to make data backup or to recover the data anytime and anywhere from the cloud. Cloud computing is highly reliable option for the business continuity of any organization in the inexpensive manner. The cloud is used to create and manage the replications of the data at the distributed servers. It promotes the disaster recovery. 

Cloud Computing Architecture 

Cloud computing architecture is used to deliver the cloud-server based services to the client. The services become available to the clients through a UI. According to NIST, the cloud architecture is divided into two sections i.e. Front End and Back End. Front end is known as visible interface which is encountered by the users through web enabled devices. Back End of the cloud computing architecture comprised of cloud services and all built in conformance with the cloud deployments. The cloud deployment models are all on responsible for providing the services to the client. Both the ends of cloud architecture are connected via internet. 

Cloud Services 

The cloud computing services stack is composed of three types of services IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Each service has different business goals 


It allows the clients to rent the IT infrastructure i.e. servers, virtual machines, storage, networks and operating systems from IaaS provider. It is highly scalable to satisfy the increasing demands of the clients. The clients need to pay only for what they use in actual.

It reduces the client overhead to manage physical datacenters. The IaaS provider is all on responsible for managing the infrastructure of the client over the cloud. 

Used for- 

  1. Platform testing and development
  2. Web hosting
  3. Storage, backup and recovery
  4. Web applications deployment
  5. High-performance computing
  6. Big data analysis 


  1. Eliminate the cost of management and maintenance of physical datacenters
  2. Improves the disaster recovery as well as business continuity
  3. High efficient and scalable to accommodate the increasing demand of the clients
  4. Responsible to upgrade software and hardware on the behalf of the client.
  5. Provides better security than in-house application.
  6. No need to set up any infrastructure to develop or deploy any the application over cloud 


PaaS is as the cloud service with development and deployment environment. It allows the developers to develop and deliver cloud-based applications in an easy manner. PaaS provider is all on responsible for the security of the application and its data. The client doesn’t need to purchase the software licenses, application infrastructure, middleware or development tools. The client is responsible to manage the application; rest is the responsibility of the cloud vendor. 

Used for- 

  1. Develop cloud based applications
  2. Customize cloud based applications
  3. Data mining and analytics
  4. Enhancing workflow, security, directory and scheduling 


  1. Built-in coded application programs to enhance the efficiency of application development
  2. Enhance the development capabilities of the staff to build the application
  3. Multi-platform application development such as computers, browsers and mobile devices
  4. Allows to develop the cross-platform applications in the quicker and easier manner
  5. Provides the affordable development environment
  6. Capable to manage the application lifecycle i.e., developing, testing, developing, managing, customizing and updating within same environment 


It is the cloud hosted application service which can be used over internet to manage the business operations. It all on manage the underlying infrastructure, middleware, application data and application software location in the data center. 

Used for- 

  1. Ready to use business applications
  2. To manage the different business operations like CRM, ERP, office automation etc. 


  1. No need to purchase, install, update or maintain software, hardware or middleware.
  2. Need to pay for the usage only
  3. Mobilize the workforce as it can be used from any internet enabled mobile device 

Cloud Deployments 

Cloud deployments are the ways to deploy the cloud computing resources. Cloud computing includes three ways to deploy the computing resources. These three ways are: - 

Public Cloud 

It is the cloud owned and operated by the third-party for deploying the cloud computing resources. It is used to deliver the computing resources like storage and servers over internet. On the deployment of on-premises infrastructure over cloud, all the hardware and software are owned and managed by the cloud provider. The client can access the cloud services over public cloud by managing their online accounts with the public cloud vendor. 

Private Cloud 

It is another cloud deployment which is exclusively used by a single business organization. It can be purchased and placed on the on-site datacenter of the company. The client manages its public cloud by its own or outsource a third-party to manage its private cloud. In private cloud deployment all the services are managed over the private network. 

Hybrid Cloud 

Hybrid cloud is the composition of public and private clouds. It allows the sharing of data and applications between the private and public clouds. It ensures the flexibility for client to move between the public and private clouds.

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