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Task 1:


  • Name of Application and protocol can find out in the Packet list section under protocol section.
  • Information Regarding Various Protocols such as UDP, TCP and ICMP are shown in the Packet list sections.
  • To find out the ports details in Wireshark, we use Second Sections, e., Packet Details sections in which all the details regarding ports are available.
  • To know the Client IP and Server IP we can refer Section first that is Packet list section under Source and Destination section and information about Server port is available in the Packet Detail Section.
  • The arrival time of each application is available in the Packet details section under Frames.


In Wireshark, all the information regarding the IP address of the Host their Mac Address can be shown in Packet List Section under Info section.


Details about DNS Query is available in the Packet List Section as well as Packet Details section.


To Draw the Message Sequence Diagram of the TCP connection. Firstly, Save your connection history in .pcap file format and the create a new FXT (Field Extraction Template) file by selecting message title and after that with the use of VisualEther tool transfer file in the tool and generate the message sequence diagram for the TCP Connection.


All the details of TCP connection when its start and when TCP connection is Closed is available in the Packet List Section.


To know which computer is using Web server simply see the Packet list section and Packet details sections.


Passwords can be seen in the Detailed Packet section by selecting the appropriate packet from the packet list section.

Task 2:

  • In this, there is a page named “redirect.php” which is responsible for taking URL request. So, here attacker injects a malicious URL so that all the traffic can be followed to that site.
  • Avoid use of forwarding and Redirect request.
  • With a malicious URL, attacker redirects request so that all the traffic of the site should go through a malicious URL to get confidential details.

Task 3:  

Firstly, Install OpenSSL on the Linux then create a 4096-bit key pair using OpenSSL and save it in .pem format.

Then, we have to generate a public key using RSA and save it as a .pen format.

Now, we have to make a bash file in which we will store all the commands used in the Practical.

After that, sign bash script using SHA1 and save it as a .bin format.

Now, we to generate a secret key of 256 bit using RSA and save it as .txt format.

Now, we have Encrypt Bash script using an AES-256-CBC algorithm and save it as .bin.

In this, we have to Encrypt our key.txt file using RSA algorithm so that it can be visible to authenticate person only.

Task 4:

Ransomware Attack is an attack carried out by a Trojan that is injected into the system.

  • 0-Day attack
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Emails Links
  • Unprotected Software’s

The payload is a technique in which source address and the destination address is stored, and Cryptographic is used to encrypt private data.

In Ransomware attack, all the money that is given by victim is given in the form of cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

  • Pay money to the attacker.
  • Lose their confidential data.
  • Don’t open any suspicious email.
  • Make a backup of data.

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