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Concept of External Marketing Analysis

Marketing environment analysis is the tool to analyze the strategies undertaken by the firm. it analyzes various internal and external factors of the environment that affects the ability of an organization to work properly. The management of the company develops the structure of the company and culture followed, the employees of the company get the proper guidelines and policie...

24 Apr, 2019

What is Stakeholder Analysis and Strategic Development?

Strategy development is the planning of all the strategies of the business that will simulate the creation and running of a business. The strategy planned must lead to the achievement of certain goals and objectives of the business and it must be flexible so that it can be changed according to the changing dynamics of the market. To formulate efficient strategies, a manager ha...

24 Apr, 2019

Role of Communication in Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is the leadership style in which a leader encourages the change and inspire or motivate all the employees to accept and grab the change with new innovations that will grow and shape the future of the company. A leader identifies the need for change, create a vision to guide all the members and inspire them to implement the change. A transformational ...

24 Apr, 2019

Different Factors of New Enterprise

The entrepreneurial ecosystem is the social and economic environment which affects the regional or local entrepreneurship. It is the collective and systematic nature of entrepreneurship.  The entrepreneurial ecosystem can be categorized into six main domains, which are as follows: A conducive culture Facilitating policies and leadership Availability of dedicated finan...

24 Apr, 2019

Virtual Teams: Definition and Role

The virtual team refers to a group of people who comes in contact through communication technology from different geographical locations. The channels of communication technology used are email, FAX, video conferencing, etc. the major purpose of collaboration with a virtual team is to achieve the common goal. The team is geographically dispersed which use a different set of kno...

24 Apr, 2019

Harvard Referencing and Citation Style

What is Harvard Referencing? Harvard is the referencing style that is primarily being used by many students who are pursuing their studies in universities. This is basically used to cite the information sources. There are basically two types of citations included: In-text citations: These citations are used at the time of directly quoting or paraphrasing a particular source. T...

22 Apr, 2019

How do you Cite Harvard Style References?

Nowadays, most of the students are using different citation methods and techniques to format their research paper, term paper and college reports. It is a very valuable part of every student’s life. However, there are many citation methods and techniques available on the internet, but Harvard citation is one of the major and widely used citation methods to format your pap...

22 Apr, 2019

Introduction to the Style of Harvard Citation

Writers, students, and researchers often use the method of Harvard citation style. It is the system that is used for referencing the research work done by any other author. Quotes, ideas, laws, theories or any other kind of findings that belongs to another author, i.e. written, researched or driven by another author needs to be cited in the paper written by you to avoid plagiar...

22 Apr, 2019

Concept of Harvard Citation Style

What is the Harvard citation style? The Harvard citation style is a system that students, writers, and researchers use to combine other people’s quotes, findings and ideas into their work in order support and validate their conclusions without breaking any knowledgeable property law. The popular format is typically used in assignments and publications for humanities as w...

22 Apr, 2019

Concept of System Modeling

INTRODUCTION System modeling is an interdisciplinary study of models used to construct and conceptualized systems in various business organization and IT organizations. It is used to represent various aspects of system and its environment. System modeling is type model that is adapted by business analyst and makes them understand functionality of system in a business organizat...

20 Apr, 2019

System Modeling and Its Types

As time is moving rapidly, the frequency of project development is increased. Nowadays, many software development companies use a system modeling approach to develop better software projects. It is one of the major components of Software engineering as it provides the best methods for successful software development. This article is all about system modeling and software model...

20 Apr, 2019

7 Ways To Have Safe Home Autoation System

What is Home Automation System? In today’s world of automation and technology, most of working systems are getting automated such as industries, homes appliances and other business sectors hence reducing work done by humans. Home automation system makes use of various mechanical process that are being used with help of automation system and provides machinery equipments ...

19 Apr, 2019

Useful Tools of Business Management

PESTLE is the tool for external analysis of the business environment. Marketers used to analyze and monitor the macro-environmental factors that have an impact on the functioning of the business organization. PESTEL analysis is used to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats imposed on the company. PESTEL stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technology...

19 Apr, 2019

Importance of Communication at The Workplace

Communication is the process of transferring information or message from one person or group of persons to others at different places. It requires at least one sender, one receiver and a mode of the channel through which the message will be conveyed. The process of communication transfers ideas, information, views, facts, and feelings. Communication at the workplace is the pro...

19 Apr, 2019


The article is all about basic terminologies such as BI, SOR, OEM, and agile software development and Agile business intelligence. Business Intelligence The term business intelligence is defined as the technology or strategy for better data analysis of business data in a better way. Business intelligence is a very important technology that is used by most of the organization...

19 Apr, 2019


Latest technologies allow the organizations to perform their operational tasks appropriately. Thus, Big data is one of them, Big data include large scale data or large volume data that is of any type i.e. Text, Video, Audio, and Images, etc. Nowadays, most of the organizations use Big data technology to store their large amount of organizational data on the databases or server...

19 Apr, 2019


WHAT IS CYBER SECURITY? Cyber security is defined as integration of various technologies that are processed and practiced to protect different devices, networks, programs and data form various kind of attacks and unauthorized access. This kind of security is also known as information system security and comprises different kind of physical security and cyber security that are ...

19 Apr, 2019

How to build a team for the project?

Team is a group of people working together and collaboratively to achieve a certain common goal. A group of people requires a complete set of complementary skills to complete a task, job or project. The characteristics of a team are as follows:• Members of the team perform their functions with high degree of independence.• All the members share the authority and respo...

18 Apr, 2019

Concept of Work Life Balance

Work life balance is a training program for high-performance of employees in their field. To achieve corporate and personal goals, one has to maintain a balance between professional and personal life, because it will lead to better performance, accountability and commitment towards professional and personal needs. The need of work life balance has pioneered in late 1970s and 19...

18 Apr, 2019


In this article, we will highlight some important concepts of Network protocols especially, TCP/IP. The article will also outline the TCP/IP layer stack model which defines connectionless and connection-oriented. What is a network protocol? Typically, a network protocol is defined as a set of formal policies and standards that primarily focuses on communication between two or...

17 Apr, 2019

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