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Case Study: Sussan Fashions

Introduction Sussan Fashions is a fashion retailing company established in Australia. The company is providing a wide range of women in fashion. The major feature of this company is it is owned by a woman, operated by women and it is working to provide assistance and services to women. Thus, business strategies are formulated to understand the preferences and needs of women an...

29 Apr, 2019

Social Media Management: Definition, Tools, Policy, & Impact on Business

Social Media is an online interactive platform which is used to create and share the information, ideas, career interests through virtual networks or communities. In other words, it's a platform which is used to communicate with different people and communities through digital devices. Business organizations are also using social media platforms to encourage free flow communica...

29 Apr, 2019

Energy and Waste Sustainability

Every economy has an obligation to reduce its environmental footprint by producing and providing quality and reliable products and services at a reasonable cost. It requires Research and Development of significant factors of the country that are essential for its proper functioning and providing energy for its process implementation. The authority of a country should participat...

29 Apr, 2019

Business Environment and Its Value Creation

A business environment refers to the specific surroundings or area in which an organization is operating. The analysis of the business environment of the company is the basic criteria on the basis of which decisions of a business organization will be made. The regular analysis of the business environment will keep the business organization up to date and keep the competitivenes...

29 Apr, 2019

Assignment of Portfolio Article Analysis

Assignment of Portfolio Article analysis is the task, in which every student has to evaluate two articles from newspaper and conduct the tutorial discussion. Two articles must be submitted on two different weeks. The learning objective of this assignment is to identify the implications of marketing practices performed for a particular event or incident explained in the article....

29 Apr, 2019

Features of Xero Accounting Software

Xero Accounting Software is the cloud-based accounting software that is provided by a New Zealand based company named as Xero. The software has been designed mainly to assist small and medium-sized business organizations. The company is selling its business model in the form of subscription. The software is provided as a free service to transform the day to day workings of an o...

27 Apr, 2019

Business Analysis: Strategic and Environment Factors

Strategic Analysis is a process that analysis and researching about the business environment. Every business organization has to analyze the business environment strategically to formulate the strategic planning and policies for better decision making and efficient working of an organization. through proper implementation of strategies, an organization can fulfill all the goals...

27 Apr, 2019

Forces of Change in Textile Industry

There are different factors and resources that could create high value for the customer. These are used to support the business to achieve high sustainability. The resources can be categorized as follows: Physical resources refer to the inputs of a business model such as raw material, buildings, vehicles, transportation, storage facility, machines and factory of the business...

27 Apr, 2019

What is Market Opportunity Report

Market research is very significant for business success. A good business plan can be prepared once the entrepreneur analyzes the market by conducting market research. The company evaluates customer demographics, purchasing habits of consumers, buying cycle and willingness of the customer to adopt and buy new products and services. The process of business plan preparation start...

26 Apr, 2019

Overview of Economics Research Case

Poor Dental Health enforces the economic and social costs at the individual and society level. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has conducted research and provides the report that Australians have 12.8 decayed, missing or filled teeth on average. It has been analyzed that 70,200 hospitalizations for dental conditions may have been prevented with the earlier treatm...

26 Apr, 2019

Financial Decisions of a Business Firm

Business financing: Small business financing refers to an investment in the startup company that aspire a business owner to start a new business, acquire any existing small business or the additional investment in the current or future venture of an existing business. Every business has its different needs and finance requirements and with different sources it can be financed w...

26 Apr, 2019

Impact of Downsizing of an Organization

Downsizing is the process of terminating multiple employees of the company at the same time. It is the temporary layoff or suspension of employees. The company uses this practice to save money from the company in poor economic conditions. It actually depends upon the decision of the management of the company, downsizing could be for a temporary period or it may be decided on a ...

26 Apr, 2019

Strategic Human Resource Management: Its Implications and Applications

Human Resource Management is the strategic technique of management to effectively manage people of an organization. The management of people of an organization is most important to manage other departments and resources of the company. Human Resource Strategies are designed to improve employee performance and achieve strategic objectives. Human Resource Department of the compan...

25 Apr, 2019

About Consumer Behavior and Marketing Psychology

Consumer behavior is the study of human behavior, the psychology of a consumer how they think, feel, reason and select the various alternatives available in the market. every consumer has to choose the best suitable products from different brands, substitutes, and retailer supplying a particular product.  The decision is based upon the environment and experiences generated...

25 Apr, 2019

How to Manage Finance?

Analysis of financial information and performance of a business Financial statement analysis of the company is the process of evaluating the financial statements of the company to understand the financial and overall health of the company and take decisions accordingly. A financial statement is the document of the company that contains all the data and facts of various activit...

24 Apr, 2019

Concept of Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis is the process of conducting research of the internal and external environment of the company to operate the business activities in the dynamic environment and formulate the strategies for effective and efficient performance. The strategic analysis of the company requires the performance of particular activities which are as follows: Identify and evaluate ...

24 Apr, 2019

Importance of Performance Management System

The performance management system is the systematic analysis of employee performance. It is a process of coordinating all the resources of the company with its aims and goals to get the desired results. It is a continuous process to characterize and convey the part of activities and duties executed by the boss and its subordinates. A set of activities performed under the perfo...

24 Apr, 2019

Project Management: Risk Analysis and their Mitigation

Budget for the project: Project Budget is a tool that a project manager uses to estimate the cost to be incurred on the project and expected income to be generated. In the planning phase of the project, a manager evaluates the cost and revenue for the better control of the overall project. The budget of the project is several pages long and has a number of factors associated wi...

24 Apr, 2019

How to Manage a Project Team?

A project team is a group of people working towards the achievement of a certain set of goals and objectives. A particular team can be divided into different sub-team depending upon the need. Every project is set for a particular period of time and the team gets disbanded once the project is completed. All the team members have a different set of skills and responsibilities tow...

24 Apr, 2019

Role of Business Model in Organization

A business model is the practical design of the business organization which shows how an organization will create, deliver and capture the value from the market. every activity or operation of the business organization is performed in the context of the economic, social, cultural environment of the market. the process of construction of a business model and regular modification...

24 Apr, 2019

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