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Woolworths: Marketing Strategy

Customers are the most important factor in any business. A business is nothing without a customer and Woolworths, one of the largest supermarket brands to completely follow this by putting the customer on priority. Before reaching to the strategies of the company, give a read to introduction to Woolworths. It is the strategy of the company, and for this, it has designed 5 priorities to be followed-

  1. Building store-led and a customer and team
  2. Generating sustainable sales momentum in food
  3. The growth of Drinks business for providing enhanced value and convenience to the customers
  4. Empowerment of the Portfolio business to carry on the strategies of delivering shareholder value
  5. Using the end-to-end process to become a lean retailer and systems excellence

A great and reliable team is the backbone of any company. It must listen to the needs and the demands of team members, customers and suppliers. Also, getting the feedback from the customers is a significant step towards the success of the company, and the company get it through Voice of the Customer Program across the brands, store teams and Support Office team daily. The result of following every day customers’ feedback is improved services and shopping experience of the customers.

Bringing a little good to everyone every day is the clear strategy which the supermarket giant follows to put the customer on the top.

Strategy as per the brand-

  1. Drinks Business-Out of all the brands, Drinks business which includes BWS, and Dan Murphy is all set to innovate its offers for providing convenience and the best values to the customers online and in-store.
  2. Portfolio Business- Delivering the shareholder value and focusing on it are the strategies and to obtain them, the group BIG W, ALH, Quantium have separate boards.
  3. BIG W- ‘LIVE BIG OR LESS’ is the motto of the team members of Big W team. They are also sticking to the proposed work policies and strategies to enhance their business.

The strategy of Woolworths Group

BIG W revolves around-

  1. Reduced Costs for the improvement of the processes
  2. Refreshing the stores is also a concern
  3. Development of the cohesive brand is also on the bucket list
  4. Upgradation of the product offering

It works hard for the customers

If we look at the facts and figures, the company serves around 18 million customers every week. The company individuals say that it is up to them how much they work to acquire as well as retain a customer. The key points involved are-

  • Reward- The most attractive loyalty program of the supermarket are the rewards which the company offers to more than 9 million members.
  • Listen- Listening is more important than talking. They pay close ears to the problems and feedback by the customers for the stores, services and offers.
  • Act- Focusing the customer group around the country is important, and for this, customer talkback is the initiative. It helps the company professionals to have a better understanding of the customers’ likings and disliking.

What is new in the Woolworths Group?

Updated store directories of every brand

Polished data and information about fresh food

Store innovations

Innovations are oxygen for any business. Introducing something new service is significant. In Woolworths, fresh sushi bars, fish, bag and bake, MSA beef and lamb are the add-ins.

Business Approach to Woolworths

The company’s determination is being committed to hard work and integral towards its work. It puts its customers first by taking care of all the aspects of the customers, manufacturers, team members, procedures.



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