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For the success of every business enterprise especially working in the retail sector, HRM has a pivotal role to play. The main concern of the retail industry is to satisfy the customer to the extreme level.

In this article, you will get to know about the HRM practices of a major company operating in the retail sector. The name of the company is none other than Woolworths Pvt. Ltd.

It is one of the leading companies of Australia where thousands of employees are working.

In the Australian job market, the concept of HRM is new. That is why the company also faced many challenges while developing its HRM department and forming HRM practices and strategies.

Let’s start with looking at the HRM practices used by Woolworths to develop an active HRM department.

Recruitment and orientation of new employees

The central policy of Woolworths is to choose the best persons to work in its set-up. How it recruits the best employees?

The recruitment in the company is done by advertising the job vacancy on online platforms. The applicants who want to apply for the job are required to send their resumes and applications online.

This way the company can get transparency in the method of recruitment. The main aim of online recruitment is to treat all the applicants with gentility, concern and equality. Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti- Discrimination is the law that is followed by the company during recruitment.

Recruitment in the company is done on the basis of merit which means the candidates are selected on the basis of their skills and ability to perform the job. The primary objective of using the merit system is to choose the right person for the right job.

Privacy act is another law followed by Woolworths. The company acts according to this law so that all the information provided by the candidates remains confidential.

After that the selection process takes place, and the candidates who get selected for the vacant job position goes through Woolworth’s training program to improve his or her skills. Then the candidates go through the orientation where they are placed on their job profile and are introduced to the other employees.

Managing the performance of the employees

The skills and abilities of the employees are analyzed in the company through various performance management systems. By comparing the current performance with the fixed standards, the management can examine the gaps. To fill the gaps, various training programs are organized so that the employees can enhance their skills to perform the tasks more effectively.

Employee engagement

Engaging the employees in important decisions of the company is what Woolworths believes in. It helps in enhancing the employee motivation as they feel involved and part of the organization. It leads to an increase in job satisfaction and reduces the rate of employee turnover.

Encouraging the employees to stay in the company

When Woolworths moved for greener pastures in other business enterprises, it faced a high rate of employee turnover. The management started looking for the ways and methods to reduce this rate, and it made sure that the most talented employees stay in the company.

Providing career growth and advancements opportunities is one of the ways used by the company to reduce employee turnover. The company uses the method of internal recruitment by promoting the most deserving employees to the higher level. Other benefits include retirement funding, educational help for the children of employees, scholarships, medical assistance, disability benefits and death covers. All these benefits helped the company in employee retention and improved job satisfaction.

To improve the HRM practices, the management of Woolworths come across with numerous issues. The administration dealt with the problems by following many strategies as mentioned above and ensured that it could effectively deal with excess employee turnover which can take place in its stores in the future.

The company provides competitive salaries to its employees different from those offered by other business enterprises operating in the retail sector. The Human Resource department scrutinizes the payment systems of other organizations in Australia so that it can improve its salary system to attract and retain the best employees.

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