Virtual Teams: Sustainable Practices, Job Involvement and Benefits

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The teams in which its members work from different geographical locations using various communication technology tools are known as virtual teams. The collaboration of groups of organizationally, geographically and time dispersed workers is the main concern. The members of the team coordinate their work using electronic information and communication technologies. It is the technology and its various advancements which make the work of the virtual teams accessible. Off-site communication done by the team members of the virtual team has been increased with the help of the proliferation of fibre optic technology.

The motive behind the concept of virtual teams is that there should not be any geographical restrictions. Technology-supported working occurs in more than one physical location. So, there are not varied uses and applications of the concept of virtual teams by the engineering teams. They are still ambiguous; the acknowledged challenges are the reasons for it. The engineering managers, to have a sustainable marketing practice should focus on the veracity and the effectiveness of the communication taking place between the members of the team. In such kind of working process, what is the most important thing to be considered is the communication, as it lays the foundation of quality work. All the social dimensions and the team’s performance are based on the communication.

What else should they do?

  1. Ability to adapt- When a team moves from co-location to virtual environments, it must focus and check if it has the ability to adapt and change the entire working process. This procedure is riddled and is necessary for the encouragement of the effective virtual teams.
  2. Ensure lateral communication- All the practices of the concept would be easy to adapt when every aspect of the context is given importance. Lateral communication can be achieved by reducing the hierarchical structure of the team. Moreover, the usage of the computer-mediated communication tools will also help.
  3. Shared understanding- The engineer managers must also give a chance to a shared understanding about roles and responsibilities, task requirements, objectives and goals. For the best output quality, member expertise can also be practised to avoid any problems while the implementation of the concept.
  4. Leadership attitude- It is yet another suggestion given to the engineer managers for problem-free execution of the concept of virtual teams to build geographically dispersed teams.

What is job involvement?

The ways in which the people discern their working environment of the job is known as job involvement. It also includes the integration of their work and life and the psychological conditions occupied and engaged by the job. The employees who have high job involvement levels are likely to focus most of their time and attention to their job and see their jobs as central to their personal character. Moreover, if one is working in a virtual team, job involvement is required at the next level. We all know that more than 90% of the time is spent on the communication part. The team members can operate and work regardless of the location and work as per wish. Greater the flexibility of the work more is the team performance. In the virtual teams’ concept, one can have high levels of job involvement and work more efficiently. The data of the virtual teams’ adaptor has been on the rise since its advent. Till 2018, more than 2.8% of the workforce has been working counting to around 3.7 million employees. Let us have a look at the number of the advantages which an organization can reap through virtual teams.

  1. Cost cutting- Affordability is the most prominent benefit which can let the companies in leveraging this concept. Remote workers can be hired to work without any substantial expense. You can save money from computers, parking spaces, office, benefits and many other things.
  2. Employees across the country- Now your company can tap into a wider pool of talent with the implementation of the concept. It is the best for international business doers. Recruitment options have widened up, and it allows to have a concentration on hiring the best-qualified employees worldwide.
  3. Cultural Diversity- People from different geographical locations lead to increased diversity of the team giving multiple points of viewing the same problem and finding the best solution.

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