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Woolworths Group Limited is the second largest company that runs around 995 stores across Australia founded in September 1924. It covers around 80% of the total Australian market. Since it is running a good number of stores, in different locations all over the Australia, therefore, it will also require a good number of trained staff personnel for the management of the stores.

The company takes the initiative of organising various training programs for the workforce. It supports personal, management and leadership development programs at several locations across the country. Woolworths company considers the development of the staff as an important aspect for the future growth of the company in the market. The company has many people who earlier began their career as a casual worker at Woolworths and with hard work and training are now at the leading positions in the company. The people who initiate to work with the group are given full training related to the company as well as it’s motives and objectives and the way it works and expands.

Following are the main points covered in this training

  • The expertise, facts, and self-awareness needed to work in a group and work atmosphere
  • The personal strengths and other behavioural and learning styles are taught
  • The basic wants and hopes of the customers are made aware of
  • The recruitment and process of selection

A unique concept of learning is taught to work in Woolworths group. The company believes in the concept of 70-20-10 (%). The company adheres to the following theory: most of the learning takes place in the workplace (70%), coaching and mentoring (20%) and the formal development programs (10%). The people who are a part of this group go through a solid personal development process where they are encouraged to set targets, get a revert of their performance and career planning with Woolworths. The Woolworths group provides full support to the members of the staff and aims at their success. The Woolworths workforce is given a chance to work on the business-related projects and to deliver the best services across all of the brands of the company. Woolworths aims to constantly find ways to improve and to meet the needs and demands of its customers with the support of its team. these programes are organized for the workers who are currently working with the company and are keen to learn new techniques.

Woolworths offers FastTrack Programs of management and leadership for the workers working in the operations department specifically. The main objective of this program is to impart skills to the employees. Its main emphasis is to identify and develop talent for the future roles. This benefits the person as he/she gets ownership of his or her career.

Woolworths never lets its team continue with the same patterns to deal with the customers, instead, the group contributes in innovating and shaping novel ways to interact.

Management is one of the key elements in any organization. To know what management tool Woolworths Group uses, you can also refer to PORTER’S FIVE FORCES MODEL OF WOOLWORTHS.

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