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We often spend long and tedious hours to complete the essay and then, we start looking for the title that can make our writing even more attractive or at least be appealing to the readers. Sometimes, writing a catchy title becomes the most difficult task for the students. However, to save themselves from the anxiety and exertion, the students tend to name the assignments with the sequence number such as ‘Home task – 1’. It seems quite comfortable, but the essay without the title indicates an opportunity which the students did not even attempt to avail.

A good title always arouses the interest of the readers and make them curious about what is to come next. Even the writers can easily be identified from the crowd and can make their work exceptional even if the topic is repetitive.

There are many things required while designing the structure of the essay as mentioned below:


It is a phrase which is catchy and based on the argument developed in the essay. Thus, the powerful title should be informing the readers about the essay and convince them to read it at the same time with the same level of enthusiasm. It has to be kept in the mind of the writer that the instructor or the checker will check the essay and they need the relevance of the title and the essay. Thus, the title should not be confusing and depict the main idea of the essay.

The titles in an academic essay are split into two parts; one is the title, and the other is the subtitle. The title is the main attraction involving the catchy phrases whereas the subtitle is quite longer than the title. It may also be a quote or a one-line summary of your essay or anything that can make the readers interested in reading. But the position of the title can be interchanged as it depends on their formation, meaning and the attraction.


There is the use of the keywords in the articles on which the whole essay or the assignment is based. And we can always carve the one-liner summary with the use of those keywords. These keywords always hint something important or impressive and can be used in at least two or three paragraphs in the essay.


The title and subtitle can also depict the timing of a particular event or the location of some person, place or thing. For example, if you are writing a biography, you can create the title on his name using his birth or death year or the location of the major happening of his life.


Making a funny title is not easy if the essay is based on the fact such as the revolutionary moments in India but if the title is related to fiction or narrative, it will be of no relevance and would not be able to impress the readers.

For instance, a title on something related to the issues of industries would be all about the industrial revolutions and modifications such as practices of the industry, social setting and the technology.


In an ideal world, this article would help figure out the things that make for a wonderful article for your essay. It will also help to find out the methods that would help to create one for you, but the work of writing a perfect article should not go to that extent that it snatches away all your pleasure and peace of mind. Most importantly, you need to share what you write and let the reader judge you by your writing and give you feedback on their experience.

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