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E-commerce’s Impact

Amazon is a well-renowned e-commerce website that exists presently and has been impacted by E-commerce in a significant manner. Initially, Amazon started out as an online bookstore but later on developed as well as started to add other products such as DVD’s, video games, VHS tapes etc. Amazon started its new business model in the year the 1990s for the Internet entrepreneurs with the help of the Web as a place for the transactions (Cosper, 2019). Due to the rise in E-commerce, Amazon is considered as the evolution of the retail market, in both physical outlets and at online outlet. Currently, Amazon’s share of the US E-commerce market is 5% of all the retail spend (Levy, 2018).

E-commerce Platforms

An E-commerce platform refers to a software application that enables online businesses to manage their sales, operations, and websites. E-commerce platforms such as BigCommerce provides powerful features that are required to run a business, by integrating common business tools. These business tools allow businesses to centralize their operations and allow them to operate their business as per their own convenience.

Financial impact

Whenever an organization decides to develop an E-commerce site, then it is necessary for that organization to consider the financial impacts. Although the investments that will be made for developing E-commerce will be high, an organization is also required to consider the other investments that will be required to be made such as e-commerce packages, website developments, and other investments.

Analysis of websites

The analysis of the website can be done by using one of the oldest web analytics tool, Alexa. However, it is the oldest tool that helps to analyze the websites, but still this tool is a great competitive analysis option for the brands with limited budget Moreover, Alexa ranks the sites on the basis of tracking, in which a sample set of internet traffic is tracked along with the users of its toolbar for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome (Siu, 2018).

Promotions and statistics

A wide range of offers on a variety of products is offered by Amazon. Presently, Amazon is recognized for its daily offers that displayed by Amazon under the search bar and there is a quick link, that helps to take the consumers to the deals entitled under “Daily Deals”. The promotions of Amazon are valid only for a limited period of time. The promotions are applied only to those products that are sold by the seller indicated in the offer message. But the promotions are not applied to the same products that are sold by the other sellers.

For example: If the promotion is applied to the mobile phones that are offered by one seller and the same mobile phone is provided by the other sellers on the, then the website will not qualify it. If any item that is returned by the customer to the Amazon, then the Best Value discount from the return credit is deducted. Moreover, if the customer removes any of the items from the Shopping Cart of Amazon or violate any of the Term & Conditions of the Amazon, then the promotion will be considered as invalid and the discount will not be applied on that item. The promotion is applied only to the qualified items that display the offer message on their product information pages.


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