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The management is one of the goals function to achieve the organizational effectiveness. The management is an ongoing process and the, and it is the means of interrelating all the activities of different functions of different departments. The managers have to set goals and achieve them with the help of their teams. The management functions can be defined as the process of carrying out the necessary business activities. The process of strategic planning, workforce planning, budgeting, and financial management, marketing and managing the performance is some of the primary management functions. These are the part of the primary management functions, and therefore the management students should have a detailed understanding of all of them. There are four central management functions which every organization need to follow for better productivity and are discussed as below:

1. The Planning Process

Planning is the first and foremost function of any business unit. The managers need to forecast the changes in the market and environment so that they can take most suitable decisions for achieving their goals. In this process, the managers have to define the performance goals for themselves as well as for their teams by keeping the strategic goals in sight. Planning gives the insight about the future aspirations of the organizations the where they want to see themselves in next couple of years. The plans which are made by the higher officials of the organization and they affect every department and function of the company. The strategic decisions which define the goals of the organizations are taken on the long-term basis.

2. The Organizing

Once the organizations get the clarity about the plans and goals they want to achieve in the long run, the next step is to take decisions to organize the processes so that the projects can be executed properly. Even the structuring the hierarchy of the companies also comes under the organizing process where a structure is given to the organizational functions. Defining the job responsibilities by evaluating the tasks of the jobs, and creating matrix teams are essential parts of the organizing function.

3. Leading the teams

Whatever an organization accomplishes, it is done by its people. The employees should support the vision and mission of the company because otherwise, the companies will not be able to execute the plan effectively. Therefore the teams need a leader who can generate positive energy and enthusiasm in the teams and align the individual the individual goals with the organizational targets. Effective communication, building trust and motivating the team members are the fundamental duties of the leaders. Effective leaders develop high-performance teams and generate a high level of productivity for the organizations.

4. Controlling all the functions

When there are so many processes are going on at the same time in an organization, there are some unexpected happening also for which the workers are not ready. To combat this situation, the managers have to observe and monitor all the processes time to time. The performance system or the quality control system is the excellent examples of the controlling process. When there are some discrepancies in the performance or the outcome, then the corrective measures are also taken by the leaders so that the mistakes are not repeated. Taking feedback from the employees, customers and other stakeholders is a primary function of the controlling process.

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