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Dick and Mac introduced the concept of McDonald’s in San Bernardino, California. The restaurant was expanded by Ray Kroc who was their business partner.

The corporation of McDonald’s

  • McDonald’s is the leading fast food restaurant in the world.
  • There are total 32,000 restaurants which are serving fast food to the people in about 120 countries.
  • The restaurant is also located at many airports and retails zones.

The mission of McDonald’s

“Be the favourite place for all the customers” is the mission that the restaurant follows.  Their main aim is to improve their processes and to enhance the experience of the customers.

Understanding McDonald’s Scale of Operations

  1. Starting from the year 1937, two brothers whose surname was McDonald initiated a stall of hot dog.
  2. The first restaurant was opened in the UK in October, 1974.
  3. In December 2004, i.e. within 20 years, the total number of restaurants in the UK went up to 1330. 60% of the restaurants in the UK are managed and controlled by the management of the company and the rest 40% run through franchisees.

Human resourcing plays a crucial role in the running and functioning of the restaurant.

Let’s study the role that McDonald’s human resources play.


Employees working in the restaurant are considered as their most valuable asset. As McDonald's is known for providing the quick services to their customers, they achieve this goal by providing the best experience to the employees who work for them.

The rule that they follow is ‘Recruit the best, hire the best and deliver the best workplace environment.’

The management value the employees, their growth, efforts and contributions, and they prove it by their day to day actions.

Human resource planning

To improve the services provided by the restaurant, the management focuses on solidifying their team and delivering the right training and skills to the right employees so that they can perform their job accurately.

More about resourcing

McDonald’s hire employees on large- scale. In September 2004, the total number of employees in the restaurants owned by the company were 43, 491 out of which the employees who were paid by the number of hours worked were 40,699, the employees who worked in the management of the company were 2,292 and employees in the office staff were 500. The franchisees of the restaurant hired 25,000 more employees.

Generally, the restaurant hires 60 people who are often paid by the number of hours worked by them, and they are known as crew members.

These employees prepare food, serve customers and do other tasks which are essential for the running of the restaurant.

Other employees who are paid hourly are

  1. Training group members
  2. Dining area staff
  3. Party entertainers
  4. Security controllers
  5. Floor managers
  6. Night shift staff

These employees perform the functions which are specific to their areas of operations, but the aim is the same, i.e. to run the restaurant efficiently. Other employees working in the restaurant are salaried managers. Their task is to control the operations of the restaurant and its crew.


We scrutinised the number of employees and the task performed by them in the McDonalds all over the world. The organization and hierarchy used in each restaurant is the same but the number of employees hired and employee turnover may be different in every country. The primary objective of the company is to hire best of the employees and provide the best career and growth opportunities so that they can work effectively to deliver the desired services to their customers.

Hence, we can conclude that human resourcing is the most significant operational policy of McDonald’s.

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