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On April 23, 1616, died the English playwright and poet William Shakespeare considered one of the great geniuses of universal literature. Thanks to his work, the dramatic genre managed to acquire modern features.

William Shakespeare was the third of eight children, and very little is known about his childhood and adolescence. He started as a playwright after moving to London where he worked for the company Chamberlain’s Men. He also acted in the Elizabethan theatre.

In 1593 he published his poem Venus and Adonis, considered one of his first literary successes. A year later appeared " The Rape of Lucrece" and in 1609 "Sonnets".

His work as a dramatist catapulted him to fame. In more 30 theatrical works condensed the feelings, pain and desires of the human soul.

In 1589 he wrote his first play Pericles, and after two years King Henry VI appeared. However, with Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Othello andHamlet, Shakespeare became the referent of modern theatre.

-In 1995, the General Conference of the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (Unesco), held in Paris, decided to pay tribute to the books and their authors with the purpose of encouraging both children, youth and adults to discover the pleasure of reading, therefore decreed on April 23 as the World Book and Copyright Day. Shakespeare died on April,23.

Some other interesting facts

-The tomb where his remains rest has an epitaph that has a curse where he says that the person who moves his bones will be cursed.

-The shortest work, The Comedy of Errors, is represented in less than an hour and a half. For his part, Hamlet is his longest work (four hours).

-More than 60 characters die in their tragedies. Suicide is the most recurrent theme.

-It is said that Macbeth is the play most represented around the world.

-Some say that Shakespeare was just a pseudonym of Francis Bacon.

-All female roles were written for men because at that time it was illegal for women to act in theatre plays.

-He is the second most cited man in the English language

-It is not known which is the correct way to write his last name, because the six signatures that are still preserved appear as given below:

•    WillmShackper
•    William Shakspear
•    Wm Shakspea
•    William Shackspere
•    WillmShakspere
•    William Shakspear

-The author of Romeo and Juliet invented a total of 1700 words and expressions.

- In the seventeenth century, he became an excellent writer in the capital of England. However, from where he came they saw him differently because they did not know him as the playwright. In Stratford, his hometown, where his wife Anne and his children were, they saw him as a businessman. Throughout his life, he managed to be a great businessman and had an abundant portfolio of land.

- Shakespeare's Hamlet was translated into the Klingon language, which is the language of the Star Trek universe.

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