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A Learning Management System-LMS refers to the software application for the documentation, administration, reporting, tracking and delivering the educational courses, development program and training programs. The concept of the learning management system has emerged directly from the concept of e-learning. In addition to this, due to the significant advancements in the web-based technologies, powerful software systems are developed such as Learning Management Systems. Although, Learning Management Systems has appeared in the higher education sector initially, the majority of the Learning Management Systems make up to the largest segment of the current learning system market. Initially, the learning Management Systems were designed for identifying & learning gaps and for utilizing analytical data reporting. LMSs mainly emphasize on the online learning delivery but these systems also support a range of users and act as a platform for providing online context to the users (Mohd Kasim & Khalid, 2016). Learning Management Systems do not provide classroom management for instructor led training in the corporate space but provide such training in the university classrooms. Moreover, Learning Management Systems has the ability to integrate the ERPS and SaaS offerings through Application Program Interface. Docebo, Adobe Captivate Prime, Litmos LMS, iSpring Learn, Talent LMS etc are some of the most popular cloud-based Learning Management Systems (Pappas, 2014).

Characteristics of Learning Management Systems used in Universities

  • Managing users, their courses and roles

Learning Management Systems can be used for creating professional structured courses context. Such systems enable teachers to add tables, texts, links, images, slideshows, interactive tests etc. Moreover, Learning Management Systems help to create different types of users like students, teachers, editors, parents and visitors. LMS allow teachers to manage modules and courses, enroll students, see students’ reports and import students to their online classes.

  • Online assessment and tracking attendance of the students

With the help of Learning Management Systems, teachers can create customized tests for the students that can be accessed and submitted online. Such platforms allow teachers to manage the attendance of the students and integrate the classroom training where the administrator or teachers can view attendance as well as records of arrival time, lecture attendance of the student (Adzharuddin, 2013).

Feedback from the students

Learning Management Systems that are used in the universities help students to exchange their feedback both with the peers as well as with the teachers in an effective manner. Teachers might also create discussion groups for allowing students to provide feedback to the teachers and peers. This will help in increasing the interaction among the teachers and students during the course. Feedback of the student is considered as an instrument that help teachers to enhance their work quality. Such type of system also enables teachers to identify the type of material that must be added or removed from the courses as per the interest of the students.

Benefits of Learning Management Systems

There are six major advantages of Learning Management Systems which include durability, reusability, interoperability, maintenance ability, accessibility and adaptability. There are certain other benefits of Learning Management Systems that are discussed below:

  • It enables students, teachers, parents to access materials anytime irrespective of the location. Teachers have the authority to alter the content that can be viewed by the students anytime.
  • A Learning Management System supports context in various formats such as video, text, audio etc.
  • The material posted or available on the Learning Management System can be used by the teachers’ every time whenever required.
  • The performance of the students can be evaluated easily through Learning Management Systems. Moreover, the teachers can evaluate the performance of the students on the basis of the online quizzed and student attendance (CAE, 2017).


Although there are various benefits of Learning Management Systems (LMS), but there are some disadvantages associated with the adoption of Learning Management Systems that are discussed below:

  • It is identified that online teaching often leads to an increase in the workload of the teachers.
  • Implementation of the Learning Management Systems requires a proper technological infrastructure that must be adapted by the teachers willingly.
  • There are certain organizations that do not have proper infrastructure for developing Learning Management Systems, therefore it might be difficult for them to operate in this environment and acquire curricula which is transformed from face to face lectures to online lectures (Savvidis, 2018).


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