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Information technology

Information technology is a set of tools, methodologies, associated equipment’s and processes which are used to gather, present and process the information. It is basically a business sector which deals with computing services including software, hardware, and telecommunication. With the help of information technology, users can exchange different forms of electronic data in an appropriate manner. This term was coined by Harvard business review. Information technology includes different layers of virtualization, physical equipment, management of automation tools, and software applications which are used to perform the essential functions of an organization. It refers to architecture, regulations a methodology which are used to govern the storage as well as usage of data. There are different types of business applications that are based on information technology such as SQL server, adding real-time order, web servers such as Apache, email services such as exchange, enterprise resource planning system, customer relationship management etc. By using all these applications, users can easily share and manipulate the information with each other in an effective manner (Rouse, 2018).

What is a computer?

The computer is a programmable and general purpose device which is used for processing and production of information. This device is capable of storing and calculating the results.

How computers process the information?

Steps which are performed while processing the information via computers are added as below:

  • All the data which need to be stored is accepted by the computers.
  • All the input data which is accepted is translated into processed and binary numbers.
  • The data which is processed produces the output in the form of information which is further accessed and used by the people in for different purposes (Mehrotra, 2018).

Examples of how technology has changed industries

Information technology is basically the backbone to all the sectors. Most of the organizations use information technology to reduce the manual processing of data. By using information technology such as computers, organizational team members are able to process and manage the data appropriately.  With the involvement of IT, the business operations of different industries have been changed. Some of them are as follows:

Media: IT has totally transformed and upgraded the field of media. By using technology, the media can cover and distribute the news for mass communication on a large scale. Online websites are also used by the organizations to update the people and provide 24*7 news facility effectively.

Banking: Baking is another sector in which business operations are upgraded by using information technology. With the help of information technology, users can easily, directly and efficiently record the files, transfer the money via the internet, check the account balance, and provide online banking services to carry out different transactions in an effective manner (Puspitasari, 2014).

Education: Earlier, education was done with the help of books. But now, with the help of technology such as the internet, teachers, and students can easily share the information with each other and provide effective teaching services regarding any subject they want. With the help of the internet, students, as well as teachers, can upgrade their knowledge from anywhere at any time. It further saves the time and cost spent on resources like books (Crawford, 2000).

Medical: Technology has also brought a revolutionary change in the medical sector as well. With the help of technologies, techniques and equipment’s that are developed by the IT, doctors or physicians can easily provide medical services and accurate treatment to the patients. Patients can also view their medical records and prescriptions provided by doctors from anywhere at any time with the help of the internet.

Transport: Technology also upgraded the transport industry by creating new innovations. With the help of new technologies, railways, roadways, waterways, and airways are revolutionized. Passengers can easily book the tickets, view the availability of seats, check the timings of the rail etc. with the help of the internet from anywhere at any time (Sharma, 2012).

Technology process electronic data

Technology directly impacts the processing of data. It becomes easy for people to process the information in an effective and efficient manner. There are different types of the process with the use of which data can easily be accessed. Some of the processes with which data transmission can be improved are as below:

  • Data storage
  • Database management
  • Data retrieval
  • Data transmission
  • Data manipulation

Common information technology carriers

Some of the common information technology carriers are added below:

  • Chief information officer
  • Chief technology officer
  • IT director
  • System administrator


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