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Human Resource Information System: Features and Components

Introduction to Human Resource Management

Human resource management is an operation in the organization which is designed to maximize the performance of the employees for the purpose of fulfilling the aims of the organization. Human resource management focuses on the management of employees of the organization with more emphasis on the systems and policies. In short, the human resource management is the process of hiring, selecting the employees and provide them with the introduction and orientation by imparting proper training as well as developing skills. Human resource management also includes the assessment of the employee such as the performance appraisal, compensation, and benefits, maintenance of the proper relationship with the trade union, employee encouragement, the safety of employee along with health and wellbeing (Maditheti & Gomes, 2017).

Features of HRM, Human Resource Manager

Human resource management is a discipline which involves the following features:

  • Human resource manager motivates employees in order to give their best
  • Human resource manager is all about the people at the workplace which include groups as well as individuals.
  • Human resource manager focuses on the outcomes of the organization rather than focusing on the rules.
  • Human resource manager is pervasive in nature and is present in all the organizations (Gupta, 2011).
  • Human resource manager helps employees in order to groom or develop their complete potential.

Human resource information system

A human resource information system is one which keeps track of all the employees and the information of an employee of the organization. The tracking of employee’s information is done with the use of the database in which employee information is stored. Human resource information is also known as a human resource management system, a software used to provide a centralized repository of the employee’s master data. The employee’s master data is needed by the groups for completing the processes of core human resource management. The human resource information system stores, manages as well as processes the data of the employee such as the name of the employee, address, IDs, social security numbers and the work permit information. Along with this, it also includes the visa information or information about dependents. The main functionality of the human resource information management includes recruiting, time and attendance management, applicant tracking, performance appraisals, features of employee self-service along with some functions of accounting. The following picture depicts the overall process of a human resource information system which includes the input, process, and outputs (Aggarwal & Kapoor, 2018).

Following are the main activities which are tracked by the human resource information management system:

  • Payroll
  • Time and attendance
  • Employee self-service
  • Appraisal performance
  • Recruiting
  • Benefits administration
  • HR management information system
  • Recruiting
  • Training system
  • Absence management
  • Performance record scheduling
  • Learning management

Components of the Human Resource Information System

There are a number of components which are included in the human resource information system or human resource management system. All the components are dependent on the scale of various HR practices in the organization. (Ababneh & Shrafat, 2014).  

Following are the examples of the same-

  1. Recruitment: The first component is recruitment which is used in order to carry out the overall process of recruitment in an organization. This is used for both the internal as well as external applications and supports the representation of the staffing requirements, managing and selecting applicants, advertising, and the applicant correspondence.
  2. Personal management: The proper integration between the personnel administration and recruitment enables the data of the applicant to be transferred as the data of employee. The data of employee is stored in the database as the employee records. This can be done with the corrected, displayed, deleted, and copied data.
  3. Training and event management: Training and event management is the integrated component which supports execution, planning, and management of training courses as well as the business events. The training and event management in an organization is considered as the ideal tool for the purpose of updating and extending the knowledge of an employee.
  4. Time management: The component of time management supports all the different processes which are concerned with recording, planning, and evaluating the absence and attendance of the employee. Most of the important components of human resource management is the information which is concerned with the work performed as well as the availability of a particular
  5. Personnel development: In the personnel development, the organization plans as well as realizes the personnel development in order to provide further education and training with the integration of the training and event management.
  6. Performance appraisal: The performance appraisal component is helpful in order to evaluate the performance of the employees depending on the criteria decided by the organization.


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