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As a parent, the best gift you can give to your children is to instil good learning habits in them. You should encourage them to study in such a way that they can develop a curiosity for learning, and when they study something, they grasp the concepts accurately. You should give them an encouraging environment where they can grow. You can follow the below-written points if you want to teach the lifelong learning habits in your children.


Give them the confidence and freedom to explore the ideas on their own. You can help them when they need it but do not spoon feed them by instructing about everything froing around them. Let them judge the situations and take decisions according to that. Even if they take the wrong decision, you can tell them that how the other decision could have benefitted them, but make it a point that you do not force your choice on them. Let them analyse the situations critically and learn from them. When they learn from their own experience, it will stay with them lifelong.


When your children ask some questions from you, then instead of making an excuse if you do not have to time to answer it, you should try to answer their questions with proper explanation. This way you will encourage them to ask questions and find answers when they want to know something. If your child feels confident in asking questions, then he/she will try to seek the answers to all the problems either by reading about them or by asking a senior or teacher. Let their curiosity teach them and unlock the door of opportunities for them.


When you find that your child is interested in doing something, then you must make efforts to provide opportunities to learn that particular thing. When they get support from you, then they can achieve heights in their interest area. You can also show curiosity in their area of interest and tell them to make them more comfortable pursuing it.


Whenever your children do well in the exams or support, or they help you with some household chores, do not forget to reward them. You can also set a rewarding rule when they do something new without getting afraid about it. This will make them more confident about exploring new things, and they will keep learning ceaselessly.

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