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This report provides information regarding arguments of public news in context to supply chain. In this report, certain suggestions are provided to the editor or the author on how the article can be improved.

Supply Chain Management refers to managing the flow of goods and services along with all the processes which convert the raw material materials into the final product. This process involves streamlining supply side activities of business for maximizing customer value and for gaining competitive advantage in the marketplace. Supply Chain Management represents efforts made by suppliers for developing as well as implementing supply chains which are economical and efficient as possible. This process or management covers everything right from the production line to the Information system required for directing these undertakings.

For example Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. is a company which made efforts to transform its supply chain in 2016. This company operates one of the world’s largest pharmacy chain in the U.S.

The articles which are publically available and are relevant newspaper articles published in the last 3 years are selected from the following online newspapers:

• The Age:

This online newspaper can be selected from the following the link:

The Age, a daily newspaper primarily serves Victoria has been published in Melbourne, Australia. This online newspaper is available for purchase in Southern New South Wales, Tasmania, and border regions of South Australia.

• The Herald:

This online newspaper can be selected from the following the link:

The Herald primarily serves in Victoria, is a morning newspaper which is published by The Herald the weekly times in Melbourne, Australia. It is a subsidiary of the News Corp and The Herald shares various articles with other news corporation daily newspaper mainly from Australia. This online newspaper is available digitally through applications and websites in New South Wales, South Australia.

The Transport & Logistics News

This online newspaper can be accessed from the following link: is an online newspaper which provides breaking news along with coverage of present industry issue or developments in the high-quality editorial style. This online resource includes the latest white papers, event listings, news, industry associations, placement service, and an international job search.

• Australian Manufacturing

Using the following link, this online resource can be accessed:

This online resource is one of the largest online magazines which is dedicated as a user-generated source for the manufacturing sector.

From all the above online resources of newspapers, select an article which either accepts the arguments, enables you to repudiate the topic and refine the key points, or highlight the weakness and strengths. Then, there is a need to write a critical review to the editor or the author of the publication in which critique of the article should be mentioned. Along with this, also justify the opinions using references to both materials included in Module 1 of this subject. It should be ensured that the response provided in well-informed, engaging and analytical which enhances your chances to the response being published. Moreover, attach the selected article as an appendix to the response paper’s critical review.

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