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The field of networking has oodles of concepts, however Computers, data & programming is a vital part. This article will enclose all the detailed information of binary numbers, digital circuits and to execute Fibonacci series by using Marie Simulator. Meanwhile, the article also shed light on the interrupts used in the computer system and various interrupt approaches along with the benefits of multiple-bus architecture in comparison to single-bus architecture, which is somehow related to the course subject ITC544, as one advances through it.

Question 1

a) To determine the base of (152)b = 0x6A
Step 1 In order to determine the base first convert 6A base 16 to base 10 or decimal
Step 2 Similarly, convert (152)b in decimal base.
Step 3 Equate both the values and solve the equation.
Step 4 Now factor the equation and ignores the non-integer value.
Step 5We get the value of base b

i) 0xBAD into 3-base representation
Step 1 To initiate, convert base 16 value, BAD, in decimal base.
Step 2 Now to convert base 10 to base 3, divide the decimal number with 3 and repeat it until the number in front of the remainder is zero.
Step 3 The base 3 value is then achieved by reading the number from bottom to top.

ii) 3217 into 2-base (binary) representation
Step 1 Again convert the base 7 value to decimal value
Step 2 Divide the derivative base 10 value with 2 and repeat until you get zero as remainder.
Step 3 Now read the remainder values from bottom to top.

iii) 1235 into octal representation
Step 1 At First, convert the base 5 value to decimal value
Step 2 Now divide the resultant base 10 value with 8 until the remainder is zero.
Step 3 Read the remainder in the opposite direction to get the octal conversion.

iv) 21.218 into decimal representation
Convert base 8 number to decimal, by multiplying the number with 8.

c) To calculate One’s complement of a 3-bit lowest number, one has to use the formula to calculate the signed magnitude of the 3-bit number. After that changing the bits to opposite will give you One’s complement where as if one adds single bit to one’s complement then two’s complement is calculated.

Question 2

To calculate the Fibonacci series in the Marie Simulator, one has to assemble the code in the Marie simulator, by using the code, the Accumulator value is loaded into the Instruction register and is kept in the Memory Address Register for a long time. At first, the Inputs are entered, for instance the values are added and then using the Program counter. After executing the program, user test n values and check the maximum number that the code can execute.

Question 3
a) Interrupt is a signal that is generated by the peripherals in order to point immediate attention to an event. Interrupt in computer systems plays a crucial role in triggering the process in order to communicate with the operating system. There are two types of approaches that can be used to deal with the computer interrupts. One is used to deal with single interrupt while the other is used for multiple interrupts. In the former approach, the user disables the interrupt where as in the latter, the interrupts are given priorities.
b) There are innumerable advantages of using multiple-bus architecture over single-bus, to initiate with the speed and efficiency as the multiple core is speedy and efficient. Apart from this, the multiple-bus is more compatible, expandable and can handle multi-core processing compare to single-bus architecture.

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