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I have a family business in India which deals with prototype background. My main motive is to expand business in different areas of South east Asia and India.  For this, a research is conducted by the management team which depicts the expansion plan in business and business environment. The research also provides some of the issues faced by our business while expanding it in the south east Asia.

Phase 1:

For performing MRes project and for achieving success while answering the research problem, the research will be performed for analyzing the depth of biodiesel business along with its segments. Since the business is planning for expanding in international and national market that is South East Asia, the business environment of South East Asia and India is required to be analyzed. This will be done by using PESTEL (Political, Ecological, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors) analysis.

Internal Analysis: This analysis will provide information regarding strengths and weaknesses associated with the company.

External analysis: This analysis will provide information about areas of opportunities and threats associated with biodiesel business.

Qualitative research: This section will include related work for understanding business environment on expansion of diesel. The research followed include:

  • Research problem identification
  • Related work
  • Research purpose
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Research and report evaluation

Phase 2:

The research is designed in order to analyze the various factors for the business expansion in the international market. The business is not limited to the particular activity and requires a consistency as well as efforts in order to the grow the business and in order to achieve the success. The expansion of the small businesses operating in the parts of southern India, there is a need to consider a number of factors. The research is also relevant to the public information for getting knowledge about the business:

  • To get new opportunities of employment.
  • To invest on business for financials.
  • To know the accurate usage of the resources in the research.
  • To expand business in different countries of the south east Asia along with India.
  • To know the quality of biodiesel supplied by the business with the use of pestle and swot analysis.
  • The expansion plans as well as the success of the business also provide motivation to the public and various potential entrepreneurs for developing business as well as to achieve the globalized world of business.

Phase 3:

For conducting this research, there are various parties that will be engaged for achieving the aim of this research. Following parties are associated with this research:

Internal stakeholders: These stakeholders will include the top management responsible to formulate procedures and policies for performing different activities undertaken by the business.

Vendors or contractors: these include parties who are responsible for supplying raw material or other resources.

Resource directors: These will include resourcing directors for disseminating resources.

External stakeholders: These stakeholders include government, customers, shareholders, suppliers, society etc.

 Internal Stakeholders: These stakeholders include managers, employees and owners of the company.

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