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When the companies think about developing their workforce, then it gives a positive image due to its efforts to unleash the real potential of its employees. The human resource development is an integral function of HRM, and many of the times it separates a good company from a great company. The companies who value their employees and think about growing and developing their professional and personal well, paying high returns to the organization as well. The training and development is the most critical part of the human resource development practices, and the companies can adopt any method according to the need of its employees and the technological trends which keep on changing very rapidly.

With the help of HRD policies and practices, the companies aim to prepare its manpower for the future so that they can take up the new responsibilities and increase the effectiveness of the organizational processes. There are different procedures for the higher management officials which are called as management training. There are various on-the-job training, methods and off the job training techniques which can be utilized by the HRD department to design and strategize the practices. There are many practices which are adopted by the human resource management in the era of digital advancements. To read about them, you can go the article which is titled “ New Practices and Process of Human Resource Management.”

There are many advantages to the organization and the individuals which they can reap by implementing active HRD processes and interventions.


When it comes to the individual level usually various training and development techniques are used by the HRD professionals. The training methods are designed in such a way that they can address the personal needs for development by directing the outcomes to meet the strategic goals of the company. The training and development process help the individuals to achieve their higher potentials and their personal goals. The employees when knowing that their company values their contribution then they feel more motivated to give their 100% effort to do a task. This way training and development activities as a significant catalyst to achieve the overall strategic goals of the firm. There are several benefits which can be derived at the individual level by adopting the HRD practices, and these are as follows:

  • With the aid of HRD interventions, the employees can learn to make wise and right decisions. The
  • The problem-solving skills are also enhanced when the employees get training on them.
  • BY using suitable training programs the individuals can gain confidence and motivation to achieve the given targets to them
  • Training s can be an excellent way to help the employees become able to handle stress, frustration, distress and the conflicts which arise in the workplace and even in their personal life.
  • The training interventions are great tools to develop the listening and speaking skills of the employees.
  • The communications skill of the employees and the teams improve significantly when they get proper training in these areas.
  • By gaining the self-assurance and trust in the company values and practices, the employees become loyal to the organization and work in their best interest.


Not only the teams or the individual workers but the organizations can also reap incredible benefits from the HRD practices if they are efficiently implemented. Here is the list of the benefits which a firm derives from the developmental interventions:

  • The training and developmental interventions which are applied for enhancing the well-being of the individuals consequently motivate the workforce to work with giving their best efforts. This is an advantageous technique to improve the morale of the workers.
  • When the workers take their work seriously and derive new and innovative ways to increase the effectiveness, then the overall productivity of the organization improves, and it leads to growing the profitability. Earing high profits are the goal of every business organization, and therefore training and development become a very beneficial practice for them.
  • With the help of HRD interventions necessary to design the training and other essential policies, the job knowledge of the individuals and the department's increases many folds. This also helps them to kano about the different types of skill sets required to do a task in the best possible manner.
  • HRD practices give the platform for the overall organizational development, and with their help, the companies can transform to become learning organizations where the learning becomes a continuous process.
  • The team spirit also improves with suitable HRD interventions and the interpersonal relationships also become more cordial which ultimately leads to the formation of the conducive and healthy work environment.

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