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Arts and architecture

Arts and architecture have a profound connection which unites them with the help of their design, their designers along with their unique meaning. Both are developed with the help of similar organising principles, similar visual components and similar engagement of senses. Arts and architecture are simultaneously interactive and expressive. An artist shapes an object to visualise the complicated set of ides and then audience received this expression.


Art consists of sculptures, painting and other objects or pictures that are developed for people to admire and look at. Now arts, no longer remain confined to the rigid walls of museums and galleries, it has reached each facet of humanity in innovative forms.


Architecture is known as the scientific art of developing express structure ideas. It is a triumph of individual imagination over methods, men and material to put an individual into a possession of the unique earth. It is all about developing spaces and building which inspires use, bring us together and becomes best art work a person can move through.

Concentration in architectural studies

The study of architectural focus on the department of art history and architecture combines various discipline towards the study of buildings. The program of architectural studies was specifically designed for the scholars who wish to gain higher experience in the practical abilities essential for their career in the architecture or another associated field.

History of art

Anything being designed by individual presents visual qualities which are specific to the period and place where it originates. History of arts tends to arrive at a historical analysis of the artefact origin within particular world cultures, enquiring about the scenarios of their makings, the media involves, makers involves and functioning of objects. History of arts provides abilities in the object critical evaluation by cultivating visual literacy. The skills acquired have wide applicability in the broad range of expert setting and services the requirements of persistent personal enlightenment.

History of architecture

History of architecture is a discipline which studies, records and interprets the architecture. Studying history of architecture allows us to understand the culture and society they represent which is highly importance while working as a contemporaneous architect. Comparison of ancient and modern architecture is crucial because it enables an architect to address buildings higher than a visual process. It is essential to analyse why buildings are developed in a specific manner at any point in time in history.

Why there is need to study art, architecture and design?

  • Degree in art history is typically a problematic, engaging and innovative experience carried by scholars with a broad range of interest and backgrounds.
  • Apart from its intellectual benefits, art degree provides scholars with a range of expert skills.
  • Studying these subjects provides you with pleasure, but it acts as an icing on the cake for an academic experience that force you to have a close look, think hard and express your findings with wide clarity and sophistication.

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