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Apart from bringing in your friends, you can bring in new customers who require assignment help service by getting their attention through various means such as websites, social networks, searches, emails, mobile applications, offline marketing and others.

Join our Affiliate marketing campaign now and earn attractive rewards. The process is transparent and simple. Affiliates get their payment in their accounts on a monthly basis.

Your collaboration with us can significantly expand your affiliate network as well as your growth potential, and allow you to monetize your efforts.

Following are the main attractive points to consider being an affiliate with us.

Excellent earning

After each sale, you will receive a commission, which in some cases can reach as high as $50 for one order.

Scalable business opportunity

Without making any investment, you have the possibility to design a profitable business without leaving home and benefit from unlimited sales.

A wide range of services

It is not necessary that you have a product to start your digital business. Get to know the wide range of services that we provide to the students. From writing assignments, homework and college papers to research papers, reports, essays, dissertations, theses and coursework, we do it all.

Easy Pay-outs

You generate monthly income and deposit your commissions directly into your bank account.

Flexible working

You can do it from home, from the beach or from a central park in your city.

Few resources needed

Just have a phone, laptop or tablet and an internet connection.

Register for our affiliate program (if you are a website owner)

Do you have a website, newsletter or PPC company in the Education/Writing sector and have at least 3000 visitors per month? Then, contact now with the affiliate program of Assignment Help 4 Me. With our affiliate program, you can earn attractive commission by sharing the link to our services on your own website, newsletter or marketing campaigns.

What do we do to help your marketing campaign?

We support your promotional actions with a regular newsletter, regular offers, interesting banners (advertising ads) and much more. You can link to countries and cities. It is even possible to get a label that you can showcase on your own website. If you are willing to sign up, you will receive a message from us within 24 hours. Naturally, we will visit your website so that we can determine the best course of action for us. Do you want to know more or get started with? Send an email to - info(at)assignmenthelp(dot)com


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